I do mean it because, after my mini-stroke in October, I’m really grateful to be celebrating another year on earth.

And losing my fellow Capricorn, David Bowie, earlier this week, has once again brought home just how tenuous life is, a fact made more poignant at birthday time.

10351261_10152833848743872_5416836488246508559_nI am always a little sad that I don’t have enough great friends in LA to have a cohesive celebration with, but I still always loved having birthday parties. I loved the creative process of making each soiree very different every year. But, for one reason or another, I haven’t thrown one for six years now! So I’m afraid my creative juices may be drying up!

I was planning on having a really fun fete this year. Guess what is was going to be? Ready? A Sweet 16!!! The year is 2016, the party was to be held this Saturday night, which is the 16th, and I’m perpetually 16-years-old! So it would have been perf. (You can watch my new YouTube tutorial on the subject here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifLygLOFwGI.)

But, it was taking a lot of work, and, with winter colds going on in this house, we just ran out of time. I’m pretty disappointed. But then I cheer myself up by realizing that very few of my pals deserve such a fun time. So, there’s that.

But, to relive some wonderful birthday bash memories, (and what better time than on my actual b-day?,) here are just some of the fun fetes I’ve thrown in recent years, all at my house!:

My best was having four different parties…all in one day!!! At my tiny abode! With four different guest lists! And four different caterers! And four different outfits, including jewelry and shoes! There was a breakfast, a luncheon, an afternoon tea, and a dinner. Mr. X was expecting a disaster, (because it was when everything collides—guests, caterers, and foods,) but it was actually fabulous. Exhausting, but oh so memorable.

10417800_736843826410596_8009850080915761445_nAnother was a nine-hour function…on a Monday, no less!!! I wanted to have it on the actual date of the 14th, for once, and that was a Monday that year. I made everyone choose their hour of arrival, (no lie,) so there wouldn’t be a bottleneck all at once. Once an hour had ten or twelve takers, it was no longer available. Sounds crazy, but it worked. And I had five cakes that time, to spell out K-A-R-E-N. Each one was a different flavor, and we did one every hour or so. My friend, comedian Dale Gonyea, told me he was digging the whole shebang. His exact quote was, “I love watching a control freak throw a party!” I’m not, but I did!

Another one of my faves was an afternoon tea, once again at my house. It was half outside on our beautiful deck, and I swear—it was the one Sunday it didn’t rain in a five-week period! (I chose that date because it was the only Sunday with no football play-off games.) Since afternoon tea is my favorite repast, bar none, I was thrilled to share it with my guests. And it worked out perfectly.

And, since I really don’t have time to pull my own Sweet 16 together now, here’s my new YouTube vid, detailing just what one entails, in case you’re crazy enough to throw one yourself. Or just want the memory! Or just miss my yarns from Karen’s Restaurant Revue! www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifLygLOFwGI

And, if you’re in the mood for a good chuckle, read the story of my Brooklyn birthday cakes, from a few years ago, here: itsnotaboutme.tv/news/holiday-happy-birthday-to-me-2013.

And, I’d like to wish myself the happiest of birthdays! Join me, anyone?


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