I wasn’t in love with 2015, which is possibly because I resented it because I hadn’t payed enough attention in 2014, which I should have, since 14 is my favorite number. (That’s because it’s my b-day, y’all! Like this month! In ten days now!)

rsz_new-years-eve-2016-clip-art1But more than likely it’s because I wound-up being not too healthy in the Fall.

Or perhaps it was because it was the first year of my entire life that I didn’t spend even one day in my beloved Brooklyn.

Or maybe because it ended on a strange note, when Mr. X got too sick to go out on New Year’s Eve, and, since I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, (including myself and Mr. X,) I went out without him for the first time in our zillion years together, which was quite surreal.

But, no matter the reason(s), I realized that I wasn’t much looking forward to this new year. I thought I had absolutely no connection to the number sixteen.

And then it hit me—of course I do! Back in the day, I lived for Sweet 16s!!! [Note: For my multi-cultural pals, if you’re not familiar with that concept, a sweet 16 is basically a quinceanera, but for Jewish girls from New York, when they turn 16, rather than 15.] I love that stuff! I made a whole book of every single one I went to in Brooklyn! And guess what—I still have that tome! (Yes—tome.)

A scene from my own Sweet 16! Photo by Martin Salkin.

A scene from my own Sweet 16! Photo by Martin Salkin.

I’m sure others will steal use my idea that I’m about to share, and I do hope they’re successful with it, but please remember—you heard it here first! Here it is: If I have time to pull together a birthday party this year, I’m making it a—Sweet 16! (My bday is really January 14th, but I’d have it on the 16th, and the year is ’16. And I’m 16!!!)

It will be complete with all the goony stuff, like making a memento glass out of a candle and flower from the table. And someone taking the hopefully comedic minutes. [Note: I’ll explain all this in an upcoming YouTube vid.] And, the pièce de résistance—my most artistic pal making a stupid hat out of all the wrapping paper. (That last one will make it necessary for me to open the presents in front of the assemblage, so that means it would be the first year without all the crappy gifts I usually get since my own real Sweet 16. Yay!) (Oh—unless the guests have no shame, which is a strong possibility with my crew!)

Wait—for a second, I got confused and thought I was writing my birthday column! I’m not kidding. So, more on all that when it’s my actual birthday. (In ten days…or have I already mentioned that?!)

For now, I just want to usher in 2016. I hope it will be a truly Sweet ’16 for all of us!



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