I’m so much more than sad to report that our precious Clarence passed away at home at 2AM.

I’ll write a tribute to him down the line, but for now we’re too devastated to even move.

Thanks to everyone who offered their love and prayers in these past two plus weeks. It really means a lot to Mr. X and me.



  1. Dear Karen and Mr. X,
    As I heard an author say recently on TV, everyone dies but not everyone lives. And Clarence lived well! He had the most loving home and guardian of anyone on the planet. He was on TV. He had love and more love.
    Hugs to you. Take care.

  2. Karen & Mr. X,

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how much love and joy Clarence brought to your lives and I’m truly sorry for your loss.

    He will greatly be missed.

    With love and sympathy,


  3. Arlene Myers on

    So Sorry Karen..
    I am pretty sure you have a lot of memories with your precious Clarence..
    I know that this is not even an option right now but when you are ready just remember that there are so many Clarence out there that need your love and attention.

  4. I am so sorry. I know what it’s like to lose a beloved pet. Clarence was so loved by you and Mr. X. Even though you are devastated now, maybe in the future it will comfort you to know that you did all you could for Clarence and that he was surrounded by people who truly loved him.

  5. My prayers go out to you. I never knew how difficult it was to loose a pet until I lost my boy Paco…just yesterday we found a little plush chihuahua toy that he loved. I immediately brought it to my face and smelled it…trying my hardest to get a scent of Paco.

    I have been walking a dog that belongs to a family in the neighborhod that is gone all day. She gets very little attention from them. I asked for permission to walk her every day. Gypsey and I have become close friends. I will take her on our walk today in memory of Clarence.

  6. Vanessa Marsot on

    I am so sorry to hear that. That is so devastating. Clarence was lucky to have such loving parents! You have all my condolences.

  7. Dear Karen & Ray:
    Words can’t even come close in the loss of someone as loved as sweet Clarence, just know he’s out of his pain and discomfort, and knew every day of his life that he was adored. I send Prayers for your grief and sadness and for Clarence to be waiting for you on the other side.

  8. Oh, Karen, there really is no other word than devastating, for you and Mr. X. I am soooo sorry. I’ve never forgotten the time you released Clarence into my living room and he ran around, a little fluffball of adorable energy and still the only dog who’s ever been in here (due to apartment policy). And who will ever forget his on-camera singing? A real pro. As others have said, you were devoted parents. I will miss him, and I send you deepest condolences.

  9. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Oh Karen, we are so so sorry….I guess Heaven needed an angel back =*(

    Our hearts are just breaking for you both. Stay strong, trust me when I say each day will get just a tiny bit easier, until eventually you smile when you think about him. He had such a wonderful, long life, and you and Mr. X made it as full and happy as any doggie could hope for.

    I’m hoping the happy memories quickly replace the most recent ones, and that Ralphie is showing Clarence a good ol’ time up there on the Rainbow Bridge. You’ll be together again someday. xoxo

    R.I.P. Clarence….

  10. Dear Karen and Ray
    I am truly saddened and sooooooo sorry for your loss of Clarence. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy. My sincere thoughts and prayers are with you. Clarence is a little Angel for you guys up there and he is smiling now…


  11. Karen,

    Clarence had a good, loving mommy and daddy. You blessed his life as much as he blessed yours. All my love, thoughts and prayers go your way.

  12. Karen,

    I am so sorry about Clarence. I know how wonderful he was and how important he was to you and Ray. As one of your other friends said, he did live very well. You and Ray gave him a life that other dogs (and a lot of children) only dream of. You are great parents and Clarence will live on in our memories forever.

    … I will never forget that the night you and I went to the paparazzi photography art show and I carried Clarence off and on all night. He was such a good boy! So sweet and well behaved … and soft and LIGHT!

    Anyway, my thoughts are with you and I wish you comfort during this hard time.


  13. Jill Landsman on

    So sorry to learn this. WE know the pain. Clarence and our Buddy are together now romping around in the meadows near the Rainbow Bridge.
    Hugs/love always

  14. Sending you love and healing. Clarence is your angel now, I know you will miss him forever but believe that he is around you always. He had a wonderful life. No one was more loved.

  15. You know i will miss my little buddy Clarence, I agree that he lived a wonderfulful life, and I hope you know his impact exceeds that of most people…I am proud to say he was my friend. I am sorry, and I am here for you both.

  16. Karen, I’m so sorry you and Mr. X are going through this. Thank goodness you at least have each other, because none of us could even imagine what your grief must be. Clarence had to be the most loved “major celebrity” dog in the world! You both gave him every ounce of adoration and attention any being on earth could ever receive. You can have no regrets about your time together, and sometime (hopefully) soon you’ll be able to treasure your memories of the little guy without too much pain. He’ll be with you forever. Let me know if you need anything.

  17. I know there’s nothing to say, except I’m sooo sorry for your loss. I’m convinced that Clarence lived a happier, longer life with you both than he would have with any other 2 people.

    XOXO Carolyn

  18. Sandy Spiwak-Wallin on

    Dear Karen and Ray,

    This has been an extremely emotional time for us with what Sandy “The Sheltie” is going through, and hearing about beloved Clarence has been very hard, especially since I e-mailed you last Saturday about the DMG supplement.

    Clarence was so fortunate to have had a loving home with the best parents and he will live forever in your hearts and ours.


    Sandy and Fred

  19. Lori Skophammer on

    My Dear Karen & Mr. X,

    I am so sorry to hear about your beautiful Clarence. I will always remember his singing and excitement about going to the park! I hope the many prayers being sent your way will help soften your pain. My deepest and most heartfelt condolences. Clarence will live in the hearts of many…

    Love to you both. Lori

  20. Dear Kare — My heart goes out to you both. So happy you had Clarence in your lives, and he was blessed to be in your good care. Take time to be kind to yourself. You are in my thoughts. Love, nl xo

  21. David R. Zarka on

    Oh, Karen…I am so very sorry for your loss. Having gone what you are going through, I know you never will forget your sweet Clarence. Take care.

  22. Dear Karen and Ray,
    I was away and was not aware of your wonderful Clarence passing away. I am so very sorry for your loss. I have several close friends who have experienced this loss recently. It is very difficult, but you are loved and thought of often. Please call me when you are in town.

  23. Dear Karen & Ray:
    Deepest condolences on the loss of your precious Clarence. I know he brought you so much joy, and he was totally loved . I know this has been a long process, please know he is in the happy place, out of pain and will wait for you. Love you…

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