The weather gods smiled on Sue Wong at the end of a month of rainstorms, and provided her, and the guests, with an absolutely gorgeous day for a fabulous bunch in her stunning Malibu home.

Sue and her models. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Sue and her models. Photo by Karen Salkin.

I had been to The Cedars, Sue’s Los Feliz estate, many a time, and also to fetes at her design atelier in Koreatown, but this was my first visit to her Malibu house, which also comes with a title—ArtHaus. And that it is—an art house! The many art pieces are spectacular. I can see why she wants to show them off. It’s like a top-level gallery in there.

The occasion was to announce that she’s branching out from gown designs to architecture! That’s a good career choice for her because, judging by her two abodes that I’ve been in, I would choose her to design a place for me! I love her sense of style! Mr. X would be so thrilled if we made our own house look similar to hers!

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

At the brunch, as we entered the beautiful hillside property, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, we were immediately met by a duo of fully-stocked bars. I was just thrilled to see a plethora of big, beautiful water bottles! At some of the parties I attend, I have to beg for just plain water!!!

Sue and her staff think of everything! There was also a little mini-donut-frying stand, with people serving them up freshly-made, and a variety of sauces to top them with. What a cute touch for a daytime event. That tided the guests over until the actual brunch was ready to be served. (I personally, get sick even hearing the word “donut”; my very first job in Los Angeles was in Stan’s Corner Shop in Westwood Village, where their specialty was—you guessed it—donuts!!! They served food, too, but the only thing we were allowed to eat there was the donuts! And we could take home as many as we wanted, too! Needless to say, I lived on them for awhile. So, I can’t even smell them now without feeling queasy!)

The dessert table.  Yu-um! Photo by Karen Salkin.

The dessert table. Yu-um! Photo by Karen Salkin.

The brunch itself was wonderful—breakfasts sandwiches, turkey meatballs, several types of pasta salad, spanakopita, and, of course, my fave—lots of yummy desserts!

And, as with all of Sue’s events, there were lots of models strolling along a dedicated walkway, rocking Sue Wong gowns, with extravagant headdresses. And there was also live music entertaining us all day.

Sue addressed the crowd to tell of her architecture endeavor, with an eye towards opening her own hotels. Let me tell you—I will be the first one to sign up to stay in one of those! If they’re as lovely as as everything else Sue does, they will be out of this world!!!

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