I promise that next week I’ll give you all the scoops on the Emmys Gifting Suites. And my thoughts on the show itself and the red carpets’ foolishness, too.

But last night I attended two really fun cocktail parties that I want to tell you about, so first things first, in the order of my visits.




This one actually had nothing to do with the Emmys, and just happened to be scheduled the week that just about everything in this town is Emmys-related. But it sounded good, and who can give up a trip to Fred Segal Santa Monica?

It was to launch the Belle Coeur Jewelry line, of which I wanted just about everything! The line is beautiful and consists mostly of my kind of basic, feminine jewelry, with lots of diamond-studded hoop earrings and the like. Most of the earrings and bracelets made my mouth water.

John manning the Creative Cuisine bar.

Speaking of mouth-watering, the tidbits served-up by Creative Cuisine, while we browsed and mingled, was just that! I could not stop eating their brilliant filet slices on toast with the most magical dressing ever! I never eat rare meat, even though I know that’s the desirable way to serve it, but I could have scarfed a hundred of these! (And just about did, as their amiable staff can tell you.)

In addition to a set-up bar manned by John, with drinks passed by Peter, there were Kevin and Danni passing three special appetizers and, later, huge dark chocolate truffles–it all was just perfect. Can’t wait to catch more of their catering at other swanky soirees around town.




Classy GBK guests at the even classier buffet.

This was the party that’s the prelude to GBK’s always-incredible suite. It was held at the swanky, happening SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, and was executed to perfection. The food and drinks were served on the lovely private back patio, and we were able stroll around the suites to peruse the goodies that will be featured at the actual event today and tomorrow. How perfect to get to leisurely plan your gift-gathering visit beforehand!

Also on the patio were the perfect party activities of manicures and massages. Nothing like getting relaxed and pampered before the craziness begins! I had already had a manicure and pedicure earlier in the day, but I was very happy to get a chair massage from Erin Rodriquez of City Life Spa. I knew she was good when she could tell I was tired just by touching my arms!

The buffet was uber-classy, and was a true treat for carnivores and herbivores alike. Beautifully laid-out, as at all SLS functions, there was quite the spread of specialty meats, such as proscuitto, salamis, and the best home-made pepperoni ever. Along with those came many cheeses, pre-cut in perfect strips, marcona almonds, and colorful veggies, such as asparagus, red peppers, and full-on carrots, in beautifully-arrayed barrels.

The Coca-Cola ladies at the manicure station at the end of the night.

For imbibers, there were cocktails made with Lombardi Lemon Liqueur, and for the rest of us, my favorite little bottles of Coke.

And they sent us home with goodie bags chock full of some of the sponsors’ most interesting products. GBK sure knows how to throw great events! I can’t wait to visit the actual suite. Look for my column about it early next week, but give me a day or two to re-charge after the sure-to-be-hectic week-end. I could probably use that massage therapist on Monday!


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