As a pretty good party planner myself, (though just for myself and an occasional pal,) I always have something to find fault with at most soirees. But not this time! East Coast cake designer Theodore “Theo” Crampton, has moved his headquarters out to L.A., and the celebration was just perfection, as are his cakes that we sampled.

Karen with celebrity baker, Theo Crampton.

It was at Villa Lounge on Melrose, and was the perfect venue for this fete. I’d been there before, being the club chick that I was until recently, but never really noticed what an excellent party site it would be without a bunch of drunk singles hanging around! It’s dark, but comfortably so, (Mr. X would love it!!!,) has plenty of accessible seating, and an interesting upstairs around-the-perimeter balcony.

The crowd was quite jovial all night and everyone seemed open to meeting new people. All that may have trickled down from Theo himself, who is just darling. He came around and shyly greeted us all, without standing on ceremony. I said, “Wow, you look really young to be such a successful baker!” He answered, jokingly indignant, “I’m twenty-three!” That’s what I meant by “young!”

Hearty slices of Theo's espresso Powder Sugar Cakes.

I was worried that the fare would be all sugar, but the organizers kindly provided wonderful catering all evening, building up to the piece de resistance–Theo’s cakes. We sampled four flavors–strawberry, red velvet, espresso, and coconut-orange-pineapple-rum. They were all moist and delicious, and presented beautifully, too.

A bonus of the evening was the cleverly handed-out gifts, which for the first time in awhile, I was not expecting at all. Rather than handing-out goodie bags as the guests departed, we were invited to go upstairs at any point in the evening and choose our own products! That’s great so that you get exactly what you’d like, there’s no waste, and the enthusiastic gift-giver could explain each one to you. Loved this concept!

I, of course, being the beauty product maven that I am, chose all three: Revitalash eyelash conditioner, Decleor Hydra Floral emulsion, and Evolvh hair-styling crème. If I don’t look good after this, I’ll just give-up.

And we did all this in just two hours! My exact kind-of event!

Note: As soon as Theo has his shop up-and-running, I’ll try to bring you a full review of his cakes, so remember to look-out for that.


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