Now that my back is doing a little better (after three months–enough already!,) I’m finally up to going to a few A-list events again! Yay! I started off with a bang–Eva Longoria’s party to launch her new fragrance, Eva. It was at her restaurant, Beso, in Hollywood, and was fabulous!!! In every way.

Eva Longoria being interviewed by her good friend, Mario Lopez. Photo by Karen Salkin.

This was a true celebrity event. I don’t watch her show, so I really don’t know who many of the cast members are, but my guest pointed out that most of them were there. Teri Hatcher walked right past us to the restroom several times (perhaps that’s why she’s so skinny?), but I was most interested to see Mario Lopez, who looks exactly like he does on TV, and Heidi Klum, who looked like the most secure woman on earth!!! You should only know what I carried on about my hair that night (straight or curly, bangs or not, clean and shiny or beach-dirty,) and Heidi showed up with hers wet and slicked-back, like she just got out of the shower!!! Now, why didn’t I think of that??? (Yeah, right–I would have apologized for it all night! That’s what I mean about her being secure.) (I really did call at least 4 friends to discuss my hair for the evening before deciding on my usual long and straight ’do.) (BTW–Eva’s hair looked great! I wish whoever does hers would take a crack at mine!)

I think that everyone who knows me knows that I eschew fragrances because I have severe asthma, so I was a tad trepidatious walking in–I had my inhaler at the ready. I figured we’d stay ten minutes and then have to leave so I could breathe. But happily, the fragrance that filled the air, which was indeed Eva’s perfume, was light and gentle! And pretty! I was seriously shocked. I was able to spend over an hour there! (It would have been longer, lung-wise, but I had three events that night. That’s right–I’m back!)

What better spot than this to put in a little word about perfume-wearing in general? In most playbills, though in the back and in small print, theatres ask patrons to refrain from wearing fragrances because so many people have allergies nowadays. Yet, many audience members are blissfully unaware of what they smell like. In restaurants, as well. So, for those of you who are reading this and still spritzing away, please be aware of just how much you douse yourself with and think of others. Even without allergies, most people don’t like strong odors.

The day after the party, I heard that Eva Longoria specifically designed her perfume to be easy on the allergens because she’s one of the sufferers, too. I will actually try it out soon. I have high hopes because of how wonderful her restaurant smelled that night.

Speaking of her restaurant, I’d be re-miss if I didn’t do a mini-review right here. The place is gorgeous and classy, all chandeliered-out, and the little food we did try–guac and chips, mini-tacos, pizza–(remember–three parties in one night, so I had to pace my intake)–was really good.

But the most important part to me is the lovely staff. All of them! Esa was our favorite server, though, and made us feel welcome and like we were the most important guests that night, which is the way to treat customers. I’ll definitely be back there for a real review sometime soon. Wearing my Eva perfume, of course!!!

Beso 6350 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood 323-467-7991



  1. Hello Karen,

    As a long time resident of Culver City, one of my highlights is that I can read your delightful restaurant reviews in the local paper here. I’ve noticed that your column has been missing for most of this year and keep hoping that you’re just on vacation.

    This morning I sat down to the paper, as I do every Sunday, (too busy to read it on Thursdays), hoping to see that you’ve returned. But what did I find? Some nickname plagerist in your place, trying to be you by calling his spouse “Ms. Y.” How lame.

    To make matters worse, he lets us know that he’s never had the cuisine of which he wrote. How odd to declare your lack of credentials.

    I enjoy reading your reviews on this site, so I know you’ve been going through some physical difficulties. But can you please let your devoted readers know if you’ll be returning to the Culver City News of if this is just a hiatus? If you’re not, I’ll be switching to the Observer for my local news.

    Wishing you continued sucess,
    P. Devlin

    • Hi P. (Dying to know what that stands for! I’m guessing Paul?)

      Wow, I’m overwhelmed by how many emails I’ve gotten on this topic! I never even knew if readers were taking note of this site! Very heart-warming. I’m glad that you went to the trouble of posting here in public, rather than simply emailing me, because now I can answer you all at the same time.

      The column that I posted yesterday with thank yous to certian friends kind-of explains my last month and a half. But even with all that going one, I’ve been available to return to my Culver City News column. I understand that the administration is working hard on getting their website up and running, so I’ve been fine with taking a brief hiatus while they do. The fair and honest publisher has assured me that my column is returning very soon, hopefully this week, as a matter of fact, and did explain what happened with this man writing a review or two, but I’m sure that that conversation was meant to be private, so that’s all I can say about it now.

      And to further clarify, I didn’t see this recent offending article myself, so I can’t comment on it directly. As to the use of “Ms. Y,” which I really didn’t want to even dignify by repeating it here, I know that imitation is considered the sincerest form of flattery, but I must admit that I resent it, too, and as a journalist myself, would never copy anyone else.

      I’ve been more than happy to serve the people of Culver City for over two years now, and plan to continue to do so. With those assurances from my publisher, I’m sure I will.

      But I totally appreciate that any of my column’s followers are upset. I’m very hopeful that this matter will resolve immediately.

      Thanks again for the concern! If you don’t see me back in the paper by next week, please check back here for updates on the situation.


  2. What is going on over at the Culver City News? In your column this week you answered that you would be back; but, once again, you are nowhere to be found! I want to switch local papers, but I’m afraid I will miss your column. Can you please give a definite answer as to where you are? I bet a friend of mine that they’re screwing you (pardon the language). My friend thinks you are just taking a break, but…I don’t know. Please help settle this bet and at least let us know to where you have disappeared! We miss you!

    • Hi Kayroll.

      Good news–you can safely switch local papers! My column will no longer be appearing in the Culver city News and Blue Pacific News.

      I’ll post the whole story, as to why that change has occured, on this site in this upcoming week (or the next–depending on time) so pelase check back for it.

      The good news is that this will free up my time to go back to reviewing restaurants all over town, not just one area, and they’ll all be on this site, so you can read them anytime.

      And, I must really thank you, and all the other readers who emailed or called me, to ask what was happening. You can always check back here to find-out what’s going on.

      I really appreciate everybody’s support!


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