Since my back has been doing somewhat better, I’ve returned to the party scene, though still not exactly my totally fun self. (And packing a few extra pounds from three months of total inactivity, so don’t be surprised when you see me.) Here are highlights from a bunch I’ve been to lately:


Britax's lovely Kate Clark rocking the safe, and hip!, Britax car seat.

Britax's lovely Kate Clark rocking the safe, and hip!, Britax car seat.

BUMP IT UP–this was at the pool area of the W Hotel in Westwood, and was for pregnant gals, but I qualified because of the recent weight gain. (See statement above.)

As a child-safety advocate, I was thrilled to see a crowd milling around the Britax car seat cabana. My friend, Amanda Hazel, has one for her giant baby Marcus, and she swears by it!

The party was actually for the book Bump It Up, which tells pregnant gals how to look their best. Cute idea. The highlight was being treated to oxygen “facials” and hand massages courtesy of Bliss Spa, and really fun goodie bags, of course. I was especially excited to spy Olympic beach volleyball champ Kerrie Walsh, who looks exactly like she does on TV, which is rare.


GONPACHI JAPANESE RESTAURANT–I had never dined here before, but was happy to show up to help them celebrate their new “world-renowned, five-star” Executive Chef, Chris Behre.

The party was quite generous and included sushi, robata, soba, tempura, sake, and my absolute favorite item–chocolate crème brulee!!!

Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry, presented a commendation to the eatery for “honoring the authentic, rich, Japanese culture and tradition which is so vital to Southern California.”

I couldn’t stay long because I had three events that night, but it was such a beautiful place that I’ll be back to do a real review as soon as I can. And to eat more of the crème brulee!

134 N. La Cienega Blvd. Beverly Hills 310-659-8887


img_7145JOHN KELLY CHOCOLATES–I had met this company at a gifting suite a few years back, and was so impressed with their fudge that I featured it on my show. It turned out to be one of the audience’s favorite food items ever.

So, now that they have their own shop in West Hollywood, right off Sunset, I was more than happy to attend their opening night reception.

It was really cleverly done, with the front space looking pristine and impressive, a room where we picked-up our goodie bags, and most fun of all, the room where the magic happens, reminiscent of the candy factory episode of I Love Lucy, complete with workers rocking hair nets.

1508 N. Sierra Bonita Avenue


DAYFLY.COM LAUNCH PARTY–this was for a new social network that, as it was explained to me, coordinates all your apps. I don’t have time for any apps, and hardly any phone time either, so I don’t understand it, but I’m sure most of you will.

It was held at the Tropicana Bar, which is considered a club (much later than the hours of the party, though,) but is really the pool area of the Hollywood Roosevelt. It’s always a lovely place to be, at all times. I always imagine what it must have been like in the days of Old Hollywood.

Some of the “beautiful people” were in attendance, and some not so much, actually. But a good time was had by all. Two lovely girls, Renata and Jenna, went around handing out cute bracelets to the attendees, and putting everyone at ease. They were fabulous hostesses for



img_7015SORME COSMETICS RE-LAUNCH–this was held at an interesting place, called the Culver City Events Center. Even though I had been the restaurant critic for the Culver City News, (story of my departure from that post to come in the next few weeks,) I had never even heard of this place! It had several rooms and was quite interesting.

I had been using a couple of Sorme products for a few months now, so when I was invited to this function, I was happy to get to peruse the rest of their items. They served a light, healthful re-past, reminiscent of an afternoon tea, did a few make-overs, and the best part, we got to customize our own goodie bags by choosing the five items we liked best. I’m mad about their black eye pencil!


CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT–I attended this soiree, hosted by POSHGLAM, on one of my first nights out since my back issue, and was on crutches, so I probably wasn’t the best party guest. It was held at an art gallery in Beverly Hills, and had quite the turn-out!

There were some fun passed tidbits and a happening bar, but the highlight was the silent auction, with different items than the norm, including a vodka party for 50, which I know the winner of!

My guest and I spent a lot of time “reviewing” the guests’ footwear, as now that I have to stay away from heels for a while, (just as the fashions are getting more my taste every day,) I’m shoe obsessed.

From the looks of things, the party raised tons of money for Children of the Night, a worthy cause that rescues children from prostitution, a topic that’s been in the news lately due to Lawrence Taylor’s arrest last week. There’s always so much work to do in this category. So sad.



My friend Patty's and my hands, post-manicures by Nettie Davis.  Guess which one of us is trendy, and which one is a mom?!

My friend Patty's and my hands, post-manicures by Nettie Davis. Guess which one of us is trendy, and which one is a mom?!

TRINA TURK–this one was a pre-Mother’s Day event at a store on W. 3rd St. Some people shopped, but my friend and I had eyes for only the manicures. Nettie Davis did them and I must say that mine was one of the best I’ve ever had, especially at an event where they can’t be full ones. She did the perfect shape and didn’t get even a nano-drop of polish anywhere other than directly on the nail. (Most nail techs have to clean-up at least a little, post-polish.)

On the way out, we got pink roses and surprisingly delicious sugar cookies, courtesy of Cake and Art.

One little Mother’s Day note, without naming names: how about do the world, and your kids, a favor, and teach them some manners?! Obviously it’s rude parents who pass down their behavior, but maybe they should use a special day to open their own eyes and then enlighten the kiddies. Just saying.


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