So please don’t bother me for the next sixteen days!

Those of you who know my obsession with all things sports, and especially the Olympics, know that I’m not really kidding about that.

2016_Summer_Olympics_logoBut actually, I’m not quite as gung-ho as I usually am for this quadrennial event. (Your first clue was that I used just one “!” in the title, as opposed to the trio of them that I usually invoke for announcements such as this.) I think that’s because I’m so worried about the Zika virus, I can’t stand it. I’ll worry about all of these athletes for the rest of my life! (I’m serious about that—we don’t know how far-reaching the devastating effects of that evil virus are.)

And I feel awful for the competitors who dropped-out because of that very situation. The opportunities to be in the Olympics are, by definition, few and far-between, and it’s a crying shame that so many of these people who have been training for their whole lives will have to miss-out because of serious health concerns.

I’m still be publishing my columns here, but please forgive me if they’re not as coherent as usual. (Assuming most of my others are!) I rarely get much sleep during the Olympics because I try to watch every second of coverage! It was much easier back in the day, when there was just one channel covering them, and we had to be satisfied with mainly three hours of primetime broadcasts each night. But these days, there’s a plethora of networks covering all the sports, and we can choose exactly which ones we want to watch. The big problem for me is that I care about all of them! Yes, that does mean I watch the Olympics just about round the clock! (Why do I look so forward to this every-four-year event? I should dread it!)

Should I miss writing a column here and there, no problem. That’s because I will be tweeting (@MajorCelebrity) about the games daily because I’m sure to be outraged about something, don’t you think? (And, FYI, my Facebook Fan Page is listed as It’s Not About Me TV. So, please “like” it, if you haven’t already, and you’ll automatically be in with the in-crowd who sees my INAM columns.)

USA-Olympic-ringsI guess all that’s left to say is: Go, USA! (And Roger Federer, too, of course!)

[Note: I barely check emails, comments, the real mail, social media, and phone messages for these sixteen days, so if I don’t get back to you in my usual prompt matter, please understand. And thank you for that! I’ll get back to normal—well, normal for me—on or about August 22nd.]


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