Even before I was a writer, I noticed many mistakes in the writings of others. Sooooo many. Then, when I was writing for People.com, and I began to read that site daily, it made me nuts to see so many errors made by my colleagues. It got to the point that my editors asked me to proofread everyone else’s work!

But I finally had to start writing this about three weeks ago, on the day that I saw what I considered to be egregious errors. Firstly, on the aforementioned People.com, someone wrote “… He wasn’t afraid to hide his emotions…” Hide them??? He wasn’t afraid to show them!!! Idiot.

And then I switched over to a daily column elsewhere, of a man whose writings always contain errors too numerous to mention here, and noticed that he wrote that the head of Sony loved Sony products, especially because this guy had just bought one! The head of the company loved his own giant company because this guy bought a laptop??? That’s not at all what the author could have meant to say! I hope. No one’s that much of a narcissist!

I tell you this not so much to bust those others, (because I see them on a daily basis and haven’t mentioned them to you before,) but to let you know that if you ever see any mistakes I’ve made in this e-zine, I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know. (Outside of my use of hyphens, which I’m sure will disappoint some of you to not get to point out to me.)

I mean it. Every now and then I read a previous column of mine, (for research purposes, not because I’m so in love with myself, although I am!,) and when I notice a mistake, I cringe. I’ve even corrected errors in articles I wrote five years ago! No one new may ever see them at this point, but I hate that I mis-wrote something.

I used to read my daily musings to my little mother, so I was able to correct them right away, but now I move on to something else as soon as they’re posted. I always proofread each one at least ten times, literally, before I turn them in, so they should be prefect by then. But, alas, some mistakes slip through the cracks.

So, please, if you notice anything funky on here, (outside of my musings themselves,) whether with spelling, grammar, or just plain wrong, please let me know in the Comments section at the bottom of each page. If you want your two cents kept private, mention that, too, please.

And knowing that I have millions of assistant proofreaders now will keep me even more vigilant. If only that would be the case for every writer!!! But they probably don’t have as smart and loyal readers as I do!

And thanks in advance.


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