I just had the most phenomenal experience ever here in New York! I met with psychic medium Thomas John.

Before you scoff, I have to tell you that I was a tad uncertain of this, as well. But someone here who knew that I had lost my precious mother almost a year ago had suggested Thomas to me, so I wanted to see for myself. As much as I wanted to believe, I’m aware of just how many charlatans there are in this line of work, so I went into the experience with a healthy dose of skepticism.

But what Thomas told me made my head spin. And every single person I’ve told, all of the non-believer variety, has been as amazed as I am! So, I feel I must share with you. [Note: I wrote it all down, word for word, to make sure I never forget even one word of it. But no worries–I’m just giving you a few of the highlights.]

Before long, Thomas had me crying like he was Barbara Walters!!! I shocked even myself with my reaction! I tried to hold back the tears at first, or at least keep the sniffling to a minimum, but Thomas knew what he was doing to have a box of tissues in the room.

I met with him in a place in Manhattan called the Meta Center, where you remove your shoes and sit on a small couch in a small barren room for your reading. But I have a feeling you can get as much out of doing it over the phone, which is an equal possibility. (And no one will see you cry your guts out.)

Thomas John. (As handsome as this photo is, he's actually much more inviting-looking in person.)

Thomas is a nice quiet young guy with no pretense. He doesn’t make a show out of it, which I really appreciate. He doesn’t talk to you first for clues of what to say; he just gets on with it.

And even though there are pages and pages about me on Google, what he had to say to me is nowhere to be found anywhere. Except from my mother, who delighted in spilling my beans at all times on this level of life, but who has taken all that info to heaven with her.

So, after a brief hello to each other, I sat on the couch, curled up my feet, and, unbeknownst to Thomas, had my hand in my bag, holding onto a stuffed animal I had given my mother when she was in the hospital last summer. Thomas closed his eyes and began the reading. I hadn’t even told him why I was there, whether for a message from the “other side,” or a guidance of my future. He just began.

I had assumed that the person who introduced us had told him about my loss, but, after a few brief moments, at first he asked if I had lost my father, which I had, but over a dozen years ago, so the question did nothing to assuage my initial skepticism. It increased when, after ascertaining that he was hearing from my mother, he said she was mentioning a name that no one we knew had. But, in the next second, he said she was saying the name of her granddaughter, my niece (with whom I have no connection, so he absolutely could not have looked that up anywhere,) so I paid a little attention. And, when it was all over, I realized that the first name he had said was my niece’s middle name! Pretty incredible.

As the reading went on, everything he said my mother was telling him was spot-on!!! (And, trust me, it wasn’t all what I wanted to hear! She said that her death wasn’t going to get easier for me anytime soon, as it does for most people after a year, but I know that she’s totally correct.) Most of it is private, so, for right now at least, it will stay between my mother and me. (And Thomas, of course!!!)

But what I can tell you is that the entire reading was amazing! He got absolutely nothing wrong. At one point, he asked who “Cunningham” is. It’s the Junior High School where she taught when we were kids! I had just told someone a few days earlier that I want to go visit it while I’m in town, nothing I had ever even thought of before! My teeth almost feel out of my head when he said that!

He mentioned that my mother loves Mr. X, only he said him by name! And he also correctly named the one person she absolutely can’t stand! She said as much in life in many a time, and I had even just found an old letter from my mother that spelled it out for me. I’m glad to see that we have the same knowledge when we get to the other side as we do in life.

But what absolutely floored me about Thomas’ abilities was two things that he, not my mother, said. He mentioned that she was wearing pants, and a silk scarf around her neck, something that she has done every day for the past decade or so!!! Yet, there are no pictures he could have seen like that on the Internet.

But even better was this: as he was “listening” to what she saying to pass on to me, he started laughing, and said, “Your mom may be one of the funniest people who ever lived! She’s a real card!” That was the impression of everyone who met her, and was so genuine from Thomas, even with his eyes closed, that I knew that Maybelle was really chatting with him. I loved that reaction; I was so glad that I had hassled to see him in person, rather than doing a phone session, just to see the joy on his face from communicating with her.

I can’t even tell you how long the whole thing lasted because the time just flew by. All my outside world annoyances just melted away, and I was engrossed with this cosmic experience. I had planned a quick get-way, assuming that I would be annoyed by the whole shebang, but I could barely tear myself away from the room. I wanted to move in with Thomas by the end of it! (But since my mother had just re-avered her love of Mr. X, I figured I had to get back to living with him. Lucky for Thomas that he had passed that particular tidbit along to me!)

This all happened last week, and I’ve noticed a newfound pep in my step since then. I feel my mother’s spirit in this house even more. (I’m staying at our house in Brooklyn for the month, as I always do when I’m in town, and I’ve always felt that I’m still keeping her company, even though she’s now on a different level of life.)

Since Thomas now knew so much about me, I figured I’d turn the tables and find out a bit about him. I had heard that he predicted some interesting things at the beginning of the year, (including Whitney Houston’s death!,) so I was very curious about what he goes through on a daily basis. It turns out that he’s had this gift since he was little! He thought it was all normal then, so it never scared him. It was just like normal conversations to him. And he has it both ways, where he can hear people from the other side, and also see what’s ahead on this level of life. And he appears peaceful and calm about it. And I love that he’s not pretentious or showy or dramatic about it. It’s just basic to him, so he’s here to help those who want the assistance.

Another thing I appreciated about Thomas John is that he didn’t try to hook me for another reading, like I’ve seen other people in his field do to clients. He made it a complete experience unto itself, even though I definitely plan to check in with him, and my mother, from time to time. He gave me enough info to understand what my mother wishes me to do from here on out, but I would like to hear more thoughts from her whenever I can. And, since I completely trust Thomas now, I know he’ll be happy to share them, word for word. And, of course, I’ll then share with you guys in turn. Since, as Thomas told me, she has tons of friends where she is, maybe she’ll even meet some of your relatives to dish about!

To contact Thomas John: www.manhattanmedium.com 347-637-8592



    • What a great question!!! I was so focused on my little mother that I didn’t even think of that! Shame on me.

      But, sadly, there was not. That’s not surprising, tho, because, even tho my mother loved Clarence, she was really about people, rather than animals. And Thomas said she mentioned so many family members, whose names he really wouldn’t have known otherwise, that I guess she really didn’t have time for my boy.

      Next time, I’ll be sure to ask!

      Thanks for thinking of it!


      • yes,Thomas is amazing–I don’t think he mentions animals lots but if you ask,maybe—I’ll bet Clarence is hanging with somebody you know :)

  1. Clairvoyants get a nasty reputation inside the news nowadays, glad you produced this page and it will open the eyes of folks for certain. Actual psychics do subsist, and need to generate a living too.

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