Every time I went onto a new site this week, celebrity-oriented or not, I read something horrible. I can’t take all this bad news anymore!!!

When I was younger and impressionable, I read that Kate Jackson, one of the original Charlie’s Angels, had wisely stopped watching the news when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She said that the stress of the world’s problems were downright bad for her health. I couldn’t agree with her more. We each have out own problems in life; knowing of those of others is sometimes just too much for one to bear.

Kate’s stance stuck with me ever since then, and, when something not fun is going on in my life, I wish that I could stop watching and reading, as well. That was easier when I was taping my light-hearted show, Karen’s Restaurant Revue, but now that I’m a journalist, rather than solely a restaurant critic, that just isn’t possible anymore.

The most horrible news this week is that country singer Wynona Judd’s poor husband had to have his leg amputated after a motorcycle accident. How sad for those newlyweds. And to know of someone as successful as director Tony Scott, with a beautiful wife and young twin boys, jumping off a bridge to his death is just gut-wrenching. I met him only one time, way back in the day, but I just keep flashing on that light-hearted banter, and searching my mind to try to figure out what could have driven him to suicide now.

The death of ninety-five-year-old Phyllis Diller wasn’t as sad, but kind-of jarring just the same. (You can read my tribute to her here: www.itsnotaboutme.tv/news/2012/08/21/tribute-phyllis-diller.) And Rosie O’Donnell having a heart attack, despite what some evil comment-ors have said about it, is an eye-opening cautionary tale, especially for women. I’m scared to read anything more this week. It’s too much sadness already. And we’re not even halfway through the week!

[Note: while all these bummers were happening, filthy rich Paul McCartney and his new wife were helping his youngest daughter sell lemonade in front of their Hamptons manse! It’s commendable that he’s teaching his kid to make her own money, but not like this. My lifelong crush on him is finally over because of this move. Oh, and the fact that he looks kind-of like an old woman.]

Even though I’ve never seen even one episode of any incarnation of Star Trek, (no, not even the ones Mr. X was on,) I understood immediately what a good guy friend meant when he declared me to be an Empath many years ago. (For those of you not in the know, either, that’s a being who has so much empathy for everyone that he or she feels the pain of others. And I don’t think in a casual way. It’s an actual condition, and not just a thing on Star Trek, but from what I understand, that show is what made it known.) So, reading the four top sad celebrity stories this week has left me down in the dumps and drained. I think that Kate Jackson had the right idea. I’m with ya, pal!


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  1. Karen, your crush on Paul is over??? I can’t believe it. I think that Paul has had some bad plastic surgery. Or he just isn’t aging well. I don’t know what to think about his daughter selling lemonade. I agree with you that it’s good that he’s teaching her the value of making her own way, but he’s a multi-millionnaire many times over and this just looks silly.

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