I still have so much to tell you about my trip to New York, (that I’m still on, by the way,) including some interesting celebrity sightings, but they’ll have to wait seven days.

I’m about to take a much-needed vacation for a week. Not a real vacation, but one from my writing. I wish it could be like the one in What About Bob?–a vacation from my problems! Wouldn’t that be a fabulous thing if it was real?!

The vacation in the classic film, "What About Bob?"

But I’m still in New York, working almost non-stop on my house here, broken back and all. And I don’t want to take even one second out from that task to work otherwise, so I have to take my first week off in, well, ever.

So, even though there’s no time for relaxing right now, in every other category, I won’t be writing for this e-zine until next Friday. So please remember to check back then; if you find yourself jonesing for my bon mots in the next week, why not check-out some posts from my archives, listed at the left?

If you want a reminder next Friday to tune back in daily, just like us on Facebook, (it’s listed as It’s Not About Me TV,) and the columns will come to you.

Until then, have a fabulous week. I’ll try to also, but I’m not holding my breath.


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