Even though this E-Zine features events from both coasts, my trips to NY are basically for under a month, three times a year.  But this time, due to my mother’s emergency medical situation, I just spent two months there! OMG!!!

My mother’s doing much better now, knock on wood, so I felt it was time to come home and get back to work on ItsNotAboutMe.TV. It’s strange—these past two months really weren’t about me!

September is always one of the busiest months in LA, show business-wise, with all the Emmys suites and parties, multiple play openings, and the annual not-to-be-missed Macy’s Passport Fashion Show.

While I’m sad to miss some wonderful soirees I’m invited to in New York, especially the Madison/Mulholland Anniversary fete and a random high school reunion, (note: the school isn’t random—the year is,) my mother wanted to get back to life without me handling everything for her on a daily basis, so here I am, back in LA-LA land. (I actually hate that moniker.)

I got back late Wednesday night, and have been in a fog of not really knowing where I am yet. My heart and mind are still in Brooklyn. But, as I was driving to Beverly Hills today to get a 24-carat gold facial, (that should have been a clue to my whereabouts right there!,) the car in front of me bumped the one in front of it at a red light. I noticed the woman was driving a Maserati, so when the redneck-looking man from the car in front got out to survey the damage, I was rooting for him to stick it to the Maserati.

But when I finally got around them, I saw that he was driving a Bentley!!! And it didn’t look like there was a scratch on it, but they were haggling anyway. All I could think of was…a Maserati rear-ended a Bentley—now I know I’m back in LA!

And that really cheered me up.

I thank everyone who hung in there with this publication during the trying times, and want to let you know that, beginning with this post, we’re back on track for daily (during the week) columns. Yay! Now on to the Emmys scoops next week.


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