As sad as I always am to leave my “homeland,” I’m happy to be back in my beloved Los Angeles.  And just in time to see the newly re-furbished Hollywood sign!

New York was a whirlwind this time! My purpose in going there for the month was to continue cleaning out my Brooklyn house, a sad task any way you look at it. The first two months I worked on it this year, I made the mistake of spending all my time clearing-out all the major stuff, like tons of my mother’s papers and all of her drawers and all the cabinets in the house, which anyone else could have done, rather than taking care of my own belongings, that have accrued there over my entire life! Hardest to me when I began, was taking down all my little mo’s many, many wall hangings, that she loved so much. Since I was basically the only one working on this awful endeavor, (along with an occasional pal and some hire-ees,) it’s been really slow-going.

So, this trip, I decided to concentrate on my own messy rooms and closets, and let me tell you, this was not fun at all. Especially doing it all with two breaks in my back! And it’s such a pain-staking project. I semi-wish that I had listened to my mother when she begged me to take everything in the house for the past decade! (But I just really wanted to leave it as-is when she was still here. I like most things to remain status quo at all times, even though I actually acquiesced in a few instances.)

But, you know me–I try to make every single thing I do fun somehow. So, I managed to squeeze in a few restaurant reviews and events, a party here and there, and seeing as many friends as I could fit in. So, I have lots to tell you about from the east coast.

I also have tons of events scheduled for L.A. in the next month, (as long as my back holds up,) including two theatre reviews and even a Swiss dinner on the sea! So, please make sure to check INAM daily, as this e-zine will be back on the new-columns-every-week-day schedule beginning with this one.

And, if you haven’t yet read about my most amazing experience this entire year, my meeting with New York-based psychic medium Thomas John, you absolutely must check it out here: www.itsnotaboutme.tv/news/2012/11/26/miscellaneous-thomas-john-psychic-medium. I can’t rave about his abilities enough! But I guess he knows that.


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