Why do companies, especially ones on the internet, feel that they have to keep “upgrading”?????

I have been a very loyal Hotmail user forever! I began my internet journey with two other email accounts, but when Mr. X singed me up for hotmail, even though I abhor change, I felt instantly better. It was perfect for me. (Since then, newspapers and websites I’ve written for have assigned me two others, and, as a joke, Mr. X went even one further. So, I think I have six accounts all together. But I use only three; mainly hotmail and I check two others occasionally.)

This comparison is from www.theverge.com because my old account is already no more. The former preferred style is on the left.

Over the years, the Hotmail people have changed it a few times, making it a bit harder to work with, not easier. But this newest change is driving me crazy!

Yes, I absolutely know that it’s trimmed in a color I love, Monopoly’s “Boardwalk Blue,” (a term I just coined, I believe. Yay, me!) But my like of it stops there.

It’s so hard to use! You have to think of adding a subject line on every single email! Who has time for that??? And they don’t let you know how many contacts you have! And there’s no top to the page, really, so you have to try to remember if you scrolled already! It’s just horrible.

I guess someone has to justify his or her time on the payroll, so they come up with these inanities! It’s just nuts!

And you have to type the whole message off to the right side, rather than to the left, where all writing begins in America, or in the center. I can’t stand it!

As someone who reads and sends hundreds of emails a day, (vomit to begin with,) I want it to be easy, not difficult! I know they won’t go back to how it was, because no one ever admits their mistakes, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. [Note: even Mr. X hates it, by the way, and he’s a techie.]

And, if any of you are happy with your email service, please let me know in the Comments section, so I can look into them. (I don’t like Gmail or Roadrunner, either, by the way; they’re actually worse than the new Hotmail, if that’s even possible!) Help!



  1. I hate the new hotmail as well…I can’t just use my Contact list. I have no idea. It decided to make available my most frequent and that is it. I wanted to Forward somethng to a bunch of people and can’t figure how to do it. IT is taking way too much time.

  2. Queeley Vanderberg on

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  3. So glad I’m not the only one that TOTALLY HATES the new Hotmail. Like you, I’ve been with them forever, but I personally HATE BLUE and I found myself missing emails bcuz I hate the thought of logging on and trying to figure it all out! It’s too much work and I just don’t have the time or patience for it. Would be nice if we had the option to keep the older version.

  4. Yes, I hate the doggie! I thought I was the only one who hates, loathes, despises and abominates hotmail! Where is the Forward button! Why is there a lot of crap on the right side of the page making it impossible to see the whole thing! Why can’t I sign out! Among other things! I hate it! I need to use it to accommodate others who refuse to listen when I tell them I have changed my email address, or others whose pages don’t allow me to do that.
    I hate it!

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