Just want to let you all know that I’ll be on hiatus until November 1. Hiatus from writing, that is, not from living all the adventures to write about! (Nor, to paraphrase our favorite line in What About Bob, a hiatus “from my problems!”)

The candy corn nails I did on myself last Halloween. Feel free to copy me, but please remember to give me the credit!

I’m in New York right now, and plan to have much to tell you about when I return, including new restaurant reviews, some thoughts on the Yankees, (knock on wood,) and, if I made it out to the Hamptons this trip, possibly the recent Hamptons Film Festival.

I will be back in Los Angeles for Halloween, one of my favorite holidays (it involves candy and dressing like a fool, so what’s not to like?,) so hopefully, there will be something fun to share with you on that front, as well.

Have a fabulous Halloween and don’t do anything too scary!



    • Yes, I did them myself last year! I’m still thinking that I should have done the colors in the opposite direction, with the white on the tips, but I’m not sure.

      I didn’t have these colors with me in New York this year, so I just went with really shiny orange, and it was fun, as well.

      Thanks for asking!


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