When I became aware of the fabulous eco-friendly shopping site, www.ecoxoxo.com, I was going to keep it to myself, so that the recipients of the brilliant gifts I will choose from it will think I’m a genius! But, as I see more junk passing for gifts, and also become more worried about the earth and world conditions, I realize that I must share news of this very special site. (It’s colorful and super-easy to use, as well.)


header_photoThis is how the site is described by the organizers: “The innovative products showcased in our on-line store are produced from recycled, reclaimed, sustainable or renewable materials. Being conscientious about how products are made, how companies treat their workers, and which energy sources sustain our planet are crucial to the planet’s survival. Working with Fair Trade companies is an integral part of our mission. Designers and artisans worldwide are creating trendsetting green products from non-biodegradable materials not otherwise properly disposed or materials otherwise headed for landfills.”

Ecoxoxo.com is the brainchild of John Cole, who’s been in the fashion and accessories biz since he was a teen-ager. He started out as a sales associate at Gucci in Beverly Hills, and progressed from there. In the 80s, he opened a fabulous store in New York City called Tribeca Luggage and Leather, though that title doesn’t do justice to the inventory. It, in actuality, featured incredible bags and accessories, and began when Tribeca was just getting hip. The evil of 9/11 destroyed his store, but not his spirit. After spending years searching for the best, most creative, got-to-have products, he used his wonderful fashion eye, and well-known kindness, to create ecoxoxo.com.

My friends make fun of me for re-cycling everything, including gum wrappers, (sans gum, of course), and toilet paper cardboard inners. [OMG–I just did research to find the real official name to tell you, and those cardboard tubes are actually called “inners!” Who knew???] So, buying gifts from this site quells my anxiety over damaging the planet with other purchases.

bowlsEcoxoxo.com has everything from dog leashes made from discarded climbing rope, (who would have known that climbing rope has such a short life, for safety reasons, and that it can be disposed of only in landfills?), to bowls made from original old colorful records, (perfect for friends who remember the ‘60s,) to wallets made from bike tire inner tubes.

getattachmentFor the drinkers in your life, (or especially those who’d like to quit, but want something to remember those years by, if they can even remember them at all!,) there are cuff bracelets cut from wine & beer bottles.

bb1aMy personal favorite item currently on the site is a tote bag featuring my ruby red lips! (Okay, maybe that’s not exactly the truth, but in a perfect world, those would be my lips.) The bag actually utilizes non-biodegradable museum banners. If that’s not being ecologically conscious, I don’t know what is.

I could go on and on about the fun stuff you’ll find on the site. But why spoil your fun of discovering them for yourself? And then you can take a little pride in helping out the planet, too. Maybe it’ll even make-up for charging your cell phone longer than necessary. Fingers crossed.








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