A couple of years ago, (when I actually began writing this rant,) I had just seen one of those anti-texting commercials during the US Open, and even tough Roger Federer was about to take the court, I just had to pause and put my two cents to paper because it freaked me out so badly. I went back to the tennis after I wrote the first few thoughts on the topic, and forgot about it.

Until now. Better late than ever, I always say, especially when so many need to be reminded of basic human behavior on a daily basis. And this is the day for me to do my part by weighing-in on the idiots who text while driving.

This is one of the most clever signs I've seen addressing the "texting while driving" problem.

This is one of the most clever signs I’ve seen addressing the “texting while driving” problem.

Yes, those poor people in the ads have all learned their lessons, the hardest way possible, but will their cautionary tales stop other selfish morons from doing the same thing? I seriously doubt it. Have the anti-smoking ones stopped anyone yet??? I also doubt that possibility, but if these ads stopped any of you, I’d love to know about it. (Use the Comments section below to share your tale.)

I have a few stupid pals who think they’re all immune from a texting-induced tragedy. When I beg them to not risk my life, too, they just make fun of me. No matter how many horrors stories I tell them, they just scoff.

If imbeciles insist on risking their own lives, that’s okay with me, even if I know them. But, the fact that they’re risking the lives of all the other people on the road is the epitome of selfishness.

And it’s not just texting; it’s also talking on hand-held phones, looking at oneself in the mirror, dialing, and looking at directions, whether on the in-car map or otherwise. Recently, I went out with two older women, (one at a time,) who both looked down on their laps to read directions! They knew that I knew the way to go, but insisted that their written directions were better, so they thought if they surreptitiously looked at their lap, they could fool me! I still can’t believe that! The rest of my pals call me “The Human GPS,” but these two apparently think that Map Quest, notorious for wrong info, knows better. And they’re fine with taking their own lives in their hands to one up me, or some such thing that the rest of us can’t figure out. And they’re bad drivers to begin with!!!

So, it’s not just know-it-all young punks who choose to exhibit such rash, dangerous behaviors; it can happen in any age group. And does.

So, please, if you have any semblance at all of being a normal human being, heed those anti-texting ads. No message is so important that it can’t wait. Or, if it is, please just pull over for those few seconds. The life you save may be your own.


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