700TH COLUMN!!!!!!!


Another hundred columns in the bag! Wow. Even I’m amazed. And I’m the one who wrote them all!!!

As I’ve stared at this blank page for a very long while, though, with absolutely nothing coming to me, I started daydreaming ahead to my thousandth! I think that I have to plan special for that one, n’est pas? The party that a prominent restaurant in town threw for the hundredth episode of Karen’s Restaurant Revue was fabulous! So, if I have one to celebrate an even bigger accomplishment with INAM, I think it should be ten times as spectacular.

Prospect Park must have 700 trees in it, don't you think?

But, coming back down to earth, I’m just want to let you all know that I’m so grateful for all of your support over these seven hundred posts. It would seem a bit foolish to write them if no one was reading my bon mots!

Seven is one of my two favorite numbers (fourteen being the other, I think because that’s my birthday date,) so I’m happy to have reached one hundred times that with this column.

And, really, that’s all I have to say on the topic. I hope to celebrate by going to a fair in Brooklyn’s own Prospect Park tomorrow. That’s right—I’m back in my homeland. But there will be more about that in Column #701 on Monday!


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