For my 300th column, I thought of recapping what’s happened in the last 100 columns. But then Osama Bin Laden got killed, so that made me want to look ahead, rather than back. I want to celebrate that victory for normal people everywhere, but that’s all that needs to be said about it, except for…yay!

I was also planning on writing something profound for this, my 300th (whew,) but between watching first every second of the happy Royal Wedding, and then this great world news, I now have no time for anything other than to thank you all for reading my e-zine. I really appreciate it. Without you guys, I’d be just another tree falling in the forest.

On Mother’s Day, I’m going to New York to see my little mother, and am so far behind in my preparations that my mind won’t let me think of writing anything other than my packing and to-do lists right about now. I’ve known my New York dates for months, but it still has crept -up on me.

So, please forgive me this time, and know that I hope to do a lot better for my 400th!


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