MISCELLANEOUS: 12/12/12!!!




OMG! Here it is—the last fun date for almost ninety-nine more years!!! (Or something like that. It’s the middle of the night, and I’m bleary-eyed, so my calculations may be a tad off. But you know what I mean.) For the few people who’ll be alive for the next one, you’re either too young to care now (because you’re a baby,) or you’ll most likely be too old to care then. So, let’s all make the most of this one!

I actually had a different column all set to go today, and then I woke-up, realizing that I had to commemorate this special date. I’ve been aware for awhile of what today is, but, shockingly for me, hadn’t thought of writing anything about it. I’ve been looking forward to it, because I love stuff like this, and was just hoping that I’d have the opportunity to write “12/12/12” somewhere today. And then I sprang right up, thinking, “OMG!,” and ran right out to my computer to write this.

Okay, I have nothing else to say about the situation, other than to wish you all a special day today, on this very special date. (If you like numbers, that is.)

And don’t forget to watch (or at least listen to) the possibly once-in-a-lifetime “12/12/12” concert tonight to raise money for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. It will be broadcast truly around the world, on over thirty television stations, the internet, subscription radio, and even in some movie theatres! It begins at a weird time everywhere, (on an early half hour,) so check around to figure it out for your area. I don’t think that anyone wants to miss this one!

I wish you all a Super-Happy 12/12/12!!!!!!!!!!!!


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