Okay, so now that we’ve spent the first four days of the week on frivolity and possibly even a little shallow-ness, it’s time to get serious. The problems of the world are indeed every person’s, in my humble opinion. And since its tragic earthquake, Haiti really needs everyone’s help.

Sorry for the shallow picture in such a serious column, but I figure it's a better reminder to watch tonight's telethon than a picture of the devastation would be.

Sorry for the shallow picture in such a serious column, but I figure it's a better reminder to watch tonight's telethon than a picture of the devastation would be.

While I know that we all need to contribute to that end, I don’t back any specific charity for aid to Haiti. I suggest that you please look around for yourselves and make sure that you choose a legitimate one that will use the money immediately to alleviate the unimaginable human suffering as quickly as possible.

Olivia Wilde’s organization, Artists for Peace and Justice, sounds good to me. She had it going before this devastating tragedy, so it seems like she would have a pipeline directly to the hospitals in Haiti that are in desperate need of everything. And they’re auctioning off some of the Golden Globes fashions, with 100 percent of the proceeds going directly to the relief efforts.

I’ve seen it reported that Leonardo DiCaprio has donated a million dollars to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, which I believe is an excellent choice, as well.

In case you didn’t know, or just forgot, tonight at 8PM is the big telethon, Hope For Haiti, that George Clooney put together. It’s on something like seventeen channels, so you won’t have any trouble finding it, and seems like a good bet.

Last night, on an otherwise not special new TV show, I heard a quote that really made sense to me. “It’s what we do in the worst of times that tells the world who we really are.” This is one of those “worst of times,” especially for a people who were already plagued by disease and poverty. Haiti really needs all of our help. And remember, it’s not the size of the donation–it’s that you’re donating at all.

Here are three other charities I know of that are helping, but please really do the research on them yourself to make sure that you choose the right one for your contribution:
Doctors Without Borders
Wyclef Jean’s Yéle Haiti Foundation

UPDATE: A southern California event for Haitian relief has just come to my attention, which is open to the public, so I’m passing it on to you:

Next Monday, February 1, 2010 A Pasadena Playhouse Benefit Concert for Haiti will be held at 7:30PM. (Get there early because they’ll have music, raffles, and refreshments in the front courtyard from 6:00 until curtain time.)

Many singers, whom you’ve probably seen in productions around town over the years, will be performing. It’s being produced by a man who’s put on many successful revue-type shows in the past, so it should be a delightful musical evening, while benefiting Haiti.

The proceeds are tagged to be split among UNICEF, Save the Children, and the Clinton Bush Relief Fund for Haiti.

For tickets, which are very affordable, or more info, please either call 626-356-7529 or go to www.PasadenaPlayhouse.org.


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