This is kind-of an amusing list, or at least one that will show just how nuts I am. It came to mind one night in the Hamptons, while I was out to eat with Lauren and Taylor Bennett. I was already stuffed from an earlier party that evening, so I just was talking while they were eating. (What else is new?) Taylor asked me why I love Roger Federer so much, and as I was extolling his virtues, I got all choked-up, and then began to shed a tear! My hosts’ eyes opened with amazement, so Taylor, being a teen-age guy, had to keep going on topics that make me cry. Ronnie Hazel, Jr.’s the best at that–he knows just which topics to bring up always, beginning with asking how my friends from Aspen are. (I even cry every time I email them.)

So, if you promise not to bring up these very topics, should you run into me, please continue reading. Go on–you can even roll your eyes, if you want to.

1) My best friends from Aspen–Gina Nel, Simone Matt, and Alex Sohm. No fooling around–I’m crying just writing their names! Gina now lives in New Zealand, Simone in Austria, and Alex in Australia, and they all have young children, so chances of the four of us ever being together again are pretty slim. Can you see why I cry just thinking of them? And a lovelier trio of people you just will not find in this world.

2)The end of Peter Pan–Don’t even get me started! I think that’s why I still refuse to grow-up; I can’t get over that Wendy did!

3) The end of the series The O.C.–OMG! I just got hysterical over this one. I can’t stop the waterworks! Why did Ryan have to grow-up? (It’s actually just like the end of Peter Pan!) When he went over to help a kid who seemed like his former self, I wailed so hard that Mr. X was afraid the neighbors were going to call the police!

4) Roger Federer–I cry when he wins and I cry when he loses. Actually, I cry when he talks and even when he walks onto the court. I guess that’s because he’s the stranger I love most in the world.

5) Barbra Streisand running her fingers through the front of Robert Redford’s hair in The Way We Were–I cry just looking at that still image!

6)The movie I Am Sam–After I cried through the whole thing when I first saw it with a friend, I had to put myself through that again because I wanted to be with Mr. X when he saw it. It was hard to choke down the tears for two hours to not ruin his experience.

7) When Crayola discontinued Lemon Yellow–I was shocked to find myself bawling on my show over this topic! Especially because I don’t like lemons and am not a fan of yellow! But I hate change, and I love tradition. Losing that color was just not right. (Getting rid of the crayon labeled “flesh,”  though, was a great idea.)

8) When A-Rod hit his two milestones in the home run department. Bawled my eyes out both times.  For #500, I was staying with the Bennetts in the Hamptons, and I think that both Taylor and his dad had never seen anything like what I was carrying-on.  I’m shocked that I got invited back the next summer!

9) The newest instant-cry trigger is courtesy of the adorable Nick Cannon on this past season’s finale of America’s Got Talent.  He brought on Sponjetta, a singer whom the judges had rejected in the first audition.  Nick told them then that they were wrong, and to make sure we all knew how much he really thought of her addictive original song, Studio, (which I love, btw,) he sang it with her, complete with fun dance moves, and surprised her with a guest appearance by none other than T-Pain! I cry my guts out every time I see it because I’m overwhelmed with Nick’s kindness.

I’m sure there are more instances for this list, as Mr. X can roundly attest to, but I can’t see the keyboard anymore because my glasses are too full of tears. So, there will have to be a Part II for this topic someday.



  1. How about the song “Tell Laura I love her.” It doesn’t make me cry anymore but it did when I first heard it.

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