I think of lists of things all the time. And I can’t function without making practical lists of what I need to do. My note pads in New York could someday be in the Smithsonian! I honestly stay up many nights, writing them. There’re just way too many ideas floating around in my brain, so they’re a necessary part of my life. (And, on sleepless nights, I’ve been known to make lists in my head of what I’ve done every year on a particular holiday, to fall asleep–like counting sleep, only I’m working my memory at the same time.)

So, I’ve long wanted to begin a Lists section. But ironically, I never wrote it down, so I kept forgetting to do it!!! No lie.

So, now, I’ve finally written some, and here are some primer notes on the future lists columns, which may be plentiful while I’m out of town, such as these next couple of weeks:

-They may not necessarily be in any order. Check what I say about that at the top of each column.

-They also may not necessarily be a list of 10. Who knows how many I’ll have at any given time.

-They’re not set in stone. I may love something or someone, but in just a short period of time, that can change. (Example: Maksim Chmerkovskiy was No. 1 on my crush list for just a few weeks early in the year, but now I’ve been back to Simon Baker for quite awhile.) Look for when that particular column got posted, to see if there’s a follow-up with a change, if you want to note if my tastes have changed.

-They are not meant to be funny, ala David Letterman’s Top 10, although some my be worthy of a few chuckles, whether intentionally or not. I’m seriously just giving you an incite into me, and whenever possible, some knowledge, such as with my Grammar List.

-And finally, ENJOY! And if you have something to add to any of the lists, please feel free to comment. I always love to see what makes other people tick.


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