The first four are my equal faves. The rest are in no particular order.

1) Mr. X and me, of course!

2) Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey–why people have a problem with this pairing is beyond me; they’re perfect for each other!

3) Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt–they appear to be the two nicest people on earth. I’m so happy for Brad Pitt to have found his perfect match after such a false start. Angelina just might be my favorite female stranger.

Javier Berdem and Penelope Cruz showing off their his-and-hers Oscars. How many other couples can claim that achievement???

4) Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem–love them separately and together. I’m just wondering what took them so long to get together after knowing each other for so long. Another perfect duo.

5)Roger and Mirka Federer–Roger, also known as “the stranger I love most in the world,” has been with Mirka since he was still in his teens, which is admirable since, with his fame, fortune, and charm, he could have just about any female he wanted. And I love that she’s supported him in everything at all times. Even pregnant with twins, she sat in the stands, rooting him on. Love them! And their “baby twins,” as Roger calls them.

6) Beyonce and Jay-Z–two people with no last names–how could they not be right for each other??

7) Robin Thicke and Paula Patton–these two have been together since high school and got successful in their show biz careers at the same time. I love both aspects! Can’t wait to see how their newborn son turns-out.

8) Martin and Wendy Mull–I don’t know any of the above couples personally, but this one I do. Wendy and Martin, one of the funniest people out there, were nice to me early on in my career, and we shared many laughs through the years. I really like them together.

9) Lila and Ron West–while not even close to as famous as the rest of these picks, this is one of the pairings that I’m most happy about. Lila Aviv has been my friend since the ’95 UCLA championship basketball team brought us together. How many girls love sports as much as we do? None of our group could envision the guy who could get Lila to love him, and she met her match in celebrity manager and producer Ron West. And with one-year-old Noah, the picture is complete!

10) Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston–seriously kidding about this one, in every way. (They’re not even a couple anymore.) Just seeing if you were reading to the end!


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