I have nothing profound to say today—I just want to add my thoughts and prayers to everyone suffering because of the wildfires in Maui. It’s one of the worst tragedies any of us have ever seen.

Just a speck of the devastation on Maui.

Just a speck of the devastation on Maui.

I just hope that everybody who doesn’t need to be there right now, such as selfish vacationers, stays away and allows the official helpers to do their work.

And to the creepy developers who are trying to benefit from the islanders’ extreme sadness, there’s a special place in hell for all of you.

I try to find even a tiny silver lining in these human tragedies, (like when I’ve posited that if two people got together because they lost their spouses in 9/11, and had a baby who went on to cure cancer, which would save more lives than the ones lost in that supreme act of terrorism, that might mitigate that catastrophic event a bit,) but I can’t find anything good to say about the horrendous Maui situation. We all just need to pray for the people involved, even though, incredibly sadly, I cannot envision any of their lives ever returning to full happiness.

I always try to have gratitude for my own life, even when things are far from going my way. But I really hope that this new devastation makes everyone realize just how fortunate most of us really are.

Ome miniscule bit of hope on that island--the lone red-roofed house still miraculously standing.

Ome miniscule bit of hope on that island–the lone red-roofed house still miraculously standing.

Some are more lucky than others. Ergo, they should help these poor native Hawaiians out right now. For example, Oprah Winfrey owns between one and two thousand acres a short distance from razed-to-the-ground Lahaina. I said right away that she should quickly house some of the thousands of wildfire-displaced people on her property. But instead she goes into a shelter there to…hand-out pillows! While attempting to bring a film crew in to capture her “caring.” Give me a break! Give up your land, woman, to those whose needs are immediate!

And then there are a few thoughtless ones, like Paris Hilton, who still went to that island now, with her husband and her baby! How are resorts even open right now?! Just think of all those mind-boggled natives having to wait on pampered people like her, while their hearts are broken possibly beyond repair! Disgraceful, all the way around. (But it appears that after Hilton was called out by many for that self-centeredness, she wound-up donating to the cause, so that’s a good outcome of her otherwise selfishness.)

Stevie Nicks' semi-thoughtless Instagram post.

Stevie Nicks’ semi-thoughtless Instagram post.

Even though there are definitely some people like her, (and I have a sinking feeling that I know a few of them myself,) I feel that we do have to cut some others a bit of slack. People are in such shock that many of us can’t find the correct words right now. I’m talking about Maui homeowners who don’t live there, like Stevie Nicks.

I read Nicks’ entire social media post, and was also horrified, as many of you were before me, that one of her main concerns appeared to be that her niece’s vacation in Maui was cut short because of the fires. I agree that she shouldn’t have said that when so many others have lost their lives, their loved ones, their houses, and their livelihoods due to the horrors. Hers was a terrible sentiment to express. But perhaps she, and others, are so rattled right now that they just don’t know how to properly say what they mean; they just want the world to know that they, too, are touched by what’s going on over there. And perhaps when it’s a celebrity saying it, their fame can help in some way, especially with much-needed donations.

So, please, let’s all give everyone, (except looters and real estate grabbers,) a bit of grace right now. So many hearts are broken.

But at the very least, please let’s all spare a thought for Maui and her people.




  1. I agree with everything you said–it is a horrible tragedy. So thank u for including that one hopeful picture of that house. It gives me hope.

  2. Hi Karen.
    I was wondering if you’d weigh-in on the Maui horrors. As much as I love your humorous articles, I appreciate very human ones ones like this even more. I join you in praying for those poor displaced people.
    Art (Dash)

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