I was going to publish just the picture above today, and write nothing, but I was up all night with so many thoughts running through my head that I have to try my best to get some of them down here.

I wish I was so much more eloquent right now, but then the Trump supporters who may read this would understand my words even less than they already do!

Obviously, as all normal Americans are, I’m still in shock.  And utter disbelief.  How did we get here?! (Does it have anything to do with that fact that Hillary Clinton was #13 on the ballot??? Why would that number even be on there? There was no reason for it. The choices began at #9, and went only odd numbers for the presidential candidates. So, perhaps Trump was correct about one thing—the election might have been rigged…in his favor!)

I feel like we’re in a bad movie–Revenge of the People who are Missing Teeth, (and most likely didn’t finish high school.)

Seriously, outside of the deaths of my mother, and my two precious pooches, Clarence and Bud, this is the most depressed I’ve ever been in my whole life.

The best way to describe last night is that it was like sitting in the hospital with a loved one (America,) praying for him or her to get better, but the doctors kept giving us worse and worse news all night. And then the patient died. It’s hard to wrap your head around this horrible news.

That creepy orange man has done everything wrong his whole life–cheated people who worked for him, cheated on his wives, lusted after his own daughter, called a nation of people “rapists,” didn’t pay his taxes (which lands most people in jail,) made fun of the disabled, lied almost every time he opened his mouth, maligned women, etc.–and he winds-up President of the Free World??? What message does that send to the kids? And what is wrong with the people who ignored all that evil, and still voted for him??? Please someone who voted for him, explain yourself to the rest of us.

I’ve never been political before in my life, but the situation this year warranted attention from all good voters. I’ve been scratching my head all along, but last night’s results took the cake. (I did a lot of Facebook posts along the way, and my page is not private, so you can just go to Karen Salkin, if you want to check them out. And I apologize in advance for any poor, delusional Trump supporter pals who posted their vitriol on my page.)

It’s not just that I’m disgusted with the strangers who voted for Trump right now.  I could not be more ashamed of, and disappointed in, the friends I have who voted for this piece of garbage.  They’re otherwise nice people, who actually have other good qualities.  But this I just can’t understand.

Someone recently asked me (in all seriousness) how I can deal with hanging around with mainly people who are not as smart as I, (not that I’m so smart, but I have a high IQ, and was always good in school,) and I answered that, as much as I revere intelligence, I have never factored brains into my friendships; rather, I take people for the good times we share, and how much we care about each other. (Although I do have to admit that if I hear one more pal say “me and him” I’m going to scream!!!) But this election stuff is hard to take. I hate being disappointed in pals. I so much prefer to be proud of my friends. (And yes, I do know that I may regret saying some of this about my pals, but not as much as I hope they regret voting for a moron!)

This situation is bad enough; I’m not going to do as many have suggested to me, and cut people out of my life just because they’re mis-guided on this one issue, no matter the importance of it. I’m just going to treat the Trump-ers I know like the mentally-challenged people they obviously are.  Even though some of them may have one or two good areas of expertise, like law or mothering, I now have to assume that they’re savants in their field, and have no other mental capacity. I won’t even be happy when their poor decision comes back to bite them in the ass.

I just want to cut their heads open, (I guess I could stop the sentence right there,) and see what they could be thinking! So far, not one of them can explain why they would vote for the least qualified person to ever run for President of the United States over the most qualified person ever!!! I don’t want a President around whom I can runs rings mentally.  I want someone who can lead me.  I should have seen this coming, knowing that the mentality of many of my countrymen is to watch crapola reality shows.

Yes, life will go on, but not very well for many Americans. This travesty does not affect my day-to-day life that much; I’m white, straight, and was born in this country.  But, unlike creepy privileged Trump, and his moronic supporters, I care about my fellow man, and don’t want them to be suffering as they are, and will continue to be until this national nightmare is over.

When your sporting team doesn’t win the big game, you may stay in a fog of depression for a few days.  But this one won’t lift any time soon.  We’re stuck in this horror show for the next four years.  I just hope that no one kills themselves during that time, out of despair.

And my poor, worldly, intelligent, Mr. X.  I’ve never seen him this depressed. It’s like he has no more purpose in life right now. He’s one of the most politically-aware people I’ve ever met, and this situation has crushed him. He had so much more faith in the citizens of the county.

Yes, I still got out of bed this morning, brushed my teeth, ate my breakfast.  But life as we know it will never be the same.  Or at least, (knock on wood it’s only this,) not for another four years. But who knows if there will be a country left to correct by then? (And let’s just hope that this debacle doesn’t fuel Kanye West to run next time! Although I think I’d rather have even that fool over this one!)

[By the way–my hatred of this situation our country finds itself in this morning is not about Democrats vs. Republicans. Nor is it about male v. female. It’s about a hateful, creepy moron, who has never done a thing for anyone but himself, defeating a brilliant, kind person who has done nothing but good for the world for her entire life! I think we should have a civil war now. Let the morons who wanted that idiot as their leader have him! But the rest of us should not be in the prison that this country is going to become since he was elected. And not by the popular vote, I might add.]

And now I’m going back to being shallow; it’s much better for my health.


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