I was so planning not to weigh in on this, but as it’s become a try travesty of justice, I now feel I must.

When I was recently called for jury duty, one of my honest arguments for why I’d make a bad juror was going to be that I can never decide about something I didn’t witness myself, and to prove it, I was going to point out that I couldn’t even say with certainty that Casey Anthony was guilty.  And I meant it. But that was a month ago.

As sad as this pic is, I just could not post a picture of her mother because I'm sick of seeing a murderer's face every day, and I want to remind us all what this case was really about. Or should have been!

Now, after paying attention to the evidence, I am as positive as the rest of the world, save for the twelve idiots whose opinions unfortunately counted, that she did it.   Even when I watch trial shows, such as Dateline, I always feel I can never be sure of what’s what. But this one, after watching much of the trial, I’m 100% positive of.

So, for the time being (and I have a feeling for quite awhile,) I’m too much in shock to write my thoughts into a cohesive column. So, here they are sort-of randomly, but pretty much in the order that they came into my mind as I watched the jaw-dropping proceedings, and ensuing day-long coverage:

What were these jurors smoking???

And the vomititious lawyer Cheney guy should be ashamed of himself for chastising the talking heads.  He’d be one himself if anyone asked him to be.  And, worst of all, is that he has to know his client is guilty! He needs to get down off his high horse.

Casey’s not only a pathological liar, but a psychopath.  I’m glad she lives across the country from me.

Sadly, there are way too many innocent people in jail, while this murderess goes free.

I recently saw a re-run of a story on 20/20 about Diane Downs, a woman who shot her own three children in 1983. (She succeeded in killing one, and messed-up the other two really badly.) Casey Anthony reminds me of her sooooo much. She, too, alleged that her father had molested her when she was a child. I guess that’s the go-to defense for women who murder their children.

Defense attorney Jose Baez’ post-verdict speech seemed like he’s sad that he helped a murderess get off.  He said, “This case is a perfect example of why the death penalty does not work.” I took that to mean that if that were off the table, she would have been convicted of one of the murder charges.

He continued, “The best feeling that I have today is that I know I can go home and my daughter will ask me what I did today and I can say I saved a life.”  He at no time reiterated his client’s innocence because he seems to know better.

I thought that Nancy Grace was going to have a stroke.  She was correct that it took the defense team quite awhile to mention poor little Caylee in their press conference.  Or even Casey!  They just chastised the pundits and castigated the death penalty.

I hope that authorities stay on Casey and arrest her for every little infraction.  Or that someone does to her what she did to her own precious daughter.

I hope if ever I screw up, that I have these moronic jurors.

I pray that the authorities find juror misconduct somehow somewhere.

I thought I was mishearing the verdict because I had had no sleep the night before.

Networks will rush to interview Casey, but I don’t know why because everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie.

I can’t believe that not even one juror voted guilty!  How did that happen?  Every one, to a person, with whom I’ve spoken about the case, most of whom have watched the trial, thinks she’s guilty.  Everyone.

And what are the parents to feel?  I think they’ll have to move.

Cindy should never have lied about the computer.

So, if Casey Anthony isn’t guilty of the murder, is anyone going to look for the “real” killer, like O.J. Simpson said he was going to do after he killed his ex-wife and her male friend?  Let’s see if Casey even says she’ll be trying to find the “real”killer.

Regarding Casey and her family, Dr. Drew Pinsky said he doesn’t “see how they can live in the same household.”  Household?  How about state???!!! (And why was Drew weighing in on law shows to begin with? He must have a show on the channel I was watching at the time.)

I’m afraid the parents may commit suicide.  I don’t think any of us can even begin to imagine what they’ve been through. Or else they’ll split-up because it may just be too painful to even look at each other, knowing the depth of pain each one is feeling.

After his daughter’s crazy charges that he molested her, how can her father ever speak to her again???

What do these idiot jurors think happened to the little girl???  What do they think of Casey’s partying while her daughter was missing?  How could they at least not have found her guilty of child abuse, when she left her child missing for a month, if they really do believe she didn’t kill her?

How can her defense team be all happy and hugging her???  They have to know that she killed her own child!!!

Let’s hope that she messes-up, a la O.J., so she can go to jail for something.  And sooner rather than later.

No wonder the jurors didn’t want to speak after—they’re ashamed of themselves! Or at least they should be.

These jurors must be the lowest of the low. The pundits were so certain they would do the right thing and find Casey Anthony guilty because the panel included a nurse, an IT specialist, and women with children and grandchildren. So what happened???

I had kept wondering why Casey didn’t just claim it was an accident and that she panicked and did drugs to forget and that’s why she was partying, instead of bringing her father into it.

Is her boyfriend going to go back with her? If he does, he better sleep with one eye open.

If her lawyers love her so much, why don’t they invite her to live with them…and their children!?

Why did the court accept a juror who had plans to leave for a cruise on July 7? Didn’t they think the jury may rush through because of that deadline?

Who exactly paid for her lawyers???  No one ever mentioned “public defender,” but Nancy Grace said that Casey didn’t have to pay for her defense because case’s “indigent.” So, what does that mean? (I tried researching it, but the topic is just too much for me at the moment.)

Everyone keeps saying how awkward it will for Casey to move home–why do they think that will be the case??? I can’t imagine that happening at this point. But I also couldn’t imagine a jury so stupid that they’d let her off.

How can the entire world know that she did it, but the twelve jurors not be able to see it??? I just don’t get it.

The one alternate juror who’s been talking, Russell Huekler, sounds like a true moron. It’s frightening to hear. Not to mention that he looks, and sounds, like a serial killer himself! He probably has some kind of sick killer-to-killer crush on her.

Now I feel guilty that I wasn’t chosen for jury duty myself last month because, clearly, juries are in dire need of smart people. I’m not joking–I noticed that on my panel, there were only about four of us who appeared to be bright, out of twenty-two! But the smart ones are the ones who are smart enough to get off.  What a shame.

There has to be a better method of selecting juries. I think I said this before, so if I did, please forgive me, but I think that “juror” should be a job, at least for a couple of years, like a congressman or something.  There are plenty of smart, fair people who are unemployed, especially seniors, who wouldn’t mind giving up their days.  There has to be a way to make that work, although I believe that the country can’t change the system because of the constitution.

I just heard about reporter Diane Diamond’s interview with a woman named Tracy Conroy, who was Casey’s private bodyguard (hired by her bail bondsman) when she was out on bail the first time she was arrested. She had lived with the Anthonys for about ten days. What she had to say was chilling, including that Casey talked about Caylee in the past tense back then, before the body was found, and that Casey said that talking to the research team would “be a waste of time.” Did this great eyewitness to such behavior get to testify? I think not or we would have heard about it. Nancy Grace seemed surprised by this info and pointed out that we, the viewing public, knew more than the jury because of all the coverage available to us, but not to them. In case you’re interested in what Ms. Conroy had to say, here’s the link: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/06/22/casey-s-rommate-tells-all.html

If this was a made-for-TV movie, not based on a story we all know, we’d all think the acquittal was too unbelievable.

But how did she not get charged with obstruction of justice???  She knew where her daughter was, she admits, yet she not only let that poor beautiful girl rot on the side of the road, she cost the taxpayers dollars in searching costs!  And the people who volunteered their time can’t be none too pleased either.

Some brilliant guy reporter should go undercover and woo her, kind-of like that Dutch guy did with Joren van der Sloot, except with sex this time.  And he should get her to confess and then publish it.  She can’t go to jail then on the charges, but at least we’ll know.

She should be sterilized. God forbid that devil ever has another innocent child to destroy.

How in demand is Jose Baez going to be after this? Every guilty criminal will want him defending them! And they’ll want those same jurors, too!

The lawyers’ celebration was in absolute bad taste.  How could they have done that to begin with, but especially so soon and so close to the court room???  Does not one of those grown-ups have a modicum of decency???  Why didn’t they just go to their office and carry on so disgustingly in private?

That’s it. I’m getting some much-needed sleep now and hoping that when I wake-up, I find-out it was all a big nightmare.



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