I’m so sorry that this won’t be as long, or entertaining, as usual, but in-between at least twelve hours a day of the US Open and writing my always juicy Gifting Suites columns, I just didn’t have that much time to devote to this years actual Emmys show. Of course I still have many thoughts on it, some not funny, just honest, so here they are. (The red carpet inanities will get their own column.)

Jimmy Fallon was the perfect host! I just think more of him each time I see him perform. He was funny, moved the show along, and didn’t try to make it about him. You go, boy!

But the stupid “twitter” intros were a gigantic waste of time! Just pay the usual comedy writers and hope for the best. (While usually getting the worst.) The intros are the most unimportant part of the evening. Or just have the presenters write them themselves, like they do with program bios! That might be amusing next year. (And remember–I’m the one who came up with that!)

The opening was great! The only problem with it is that there was a chick in the group singing number who Mr. X and I had no idea who she was! We know the Glee cast, Jorge Garcia, Tina Fey, and Betty White, of course. (BTW–she’s always been fabulous, but, for some unknown reason, it became fashionable to be a fan of hers this year–who decides these things???) We even know who creepy Kate Gosselin is because of her groan-inducing Dancing With The Stars stint last season. But just who was that other one? Perhaps a contest winner, like they do on music shows sometimes?

I’ve never seen Lauren Graham act, but at least we know her fashion sense sucks! Why was she wearing a diaper pinned to her chest? Was she planning on drooling over someone? Or perhaps she was planning on burping a baby backstage. Or perhaps it was really a lobster bib, and they interrupted her seafood dinner to go out there and present.

I never saw Steve Levitan before, the creator and producer of Modern Family, but he was just great. I loved his speeches, which were perfect on every level, and he was kind-of cute-looking. He’s doesn’t have my usual type of looks, but he just seemed like an all-around adorable man.

Edie Falco won for best actress in a comedy??? Her winning in that category is the only funny thing about it!

The above statement shows us that the academy must instate a new category for “dramadies” next year. I’m actually not joking about this one.

Why can’t they present the “Guest Star” winners on the air? I really feel that there’s a way to do it. Although, this year, with not a lot of unnecessary filler like they usually have, the show ended exactly when planned.

No one was more deserving of his or her award than Jim Parsons. I actually cried when his name was announced! He’s absolutely brilliant on Big Bang Theory. He blows us away every episode. I don’t think that there’s one other actor on earth who could have filled this role. My only slight problem with seeing him talk, which I’ve done only once before, is that he seemed almost as weird as his character. And did he get even skinnier recently? I hope he’s healthy.

I never saw Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad before, but I had read of how deserving he was from several sources. But, when I heard him speak, I asked Mr. X, “What does he show us?” The answer is–that smoking really does stunt your growth. (He’s short and sounds like he’s a heavy smoker, in case you missed my humor on that one. It might be only a visual.)

Claire Danes is so much better-looking as a woman than she was as a girl. She finally grew into her face.

Was Al Pacino channeling his pal, Robert DeNiro, in his acceptance speech? We all know that Bobby D can’t speak without written lines (and then does better than just everyone else,) but I hadn’t realized that Al has no personality either. His speech was really disappointing.

Kyra Sedgwick is really talented and appears to be a lovely person, so I feel bad saying this, but someone must–her hair was the absolute worst I’ve ever seen on an awards show!!! I wouldn’t even sit around the house by myself with hair like that!

But I really do like the team of Kyra and her husband, Kevin Bacon. There are too few of us show business folk in long-term relationships, and I always feel good to see another couple like Mr. X and me. Although I have a feeling the Bacons don’t tell the neighbors they’re rehearsing Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf all the time.

I thought it was wonderful that Mick Jackson, the director of the TV movie about a real-life Doctor of Animal Science who’s autistic, Temple Grandin, who was in attendance, talked directly to her in his acceptance speech.

The song that Jewel sang for the In Memoriam segment, (that she actually wrote for a late friend of hers,) was really touching. And it didn’t get in the way of thinking about these departed television personalities. I was especially mournful when they showed our old pal, Lynn Redgrave. I still can’t believe she’s gone.

And I guess the Academy forgot that Clarence, The Singing Dog was the co-star of Karen’s Restaurant Revue for all those years! But I guess they always leave out someone. (I hope you all know that I’m not serious about this. But I did say it jokingly to Mr. X after because Jewel’s song made me picture him in that tribute.)

Ricky Gervais was even funnier than usual. I don’t think that Bucky Gunts appreciated his humor, but we in this house sure did.

I’m sick that Conan O’Brien didn’t win! My mouth was watering to hear his speech all day! I was wringing my hands in anticipation! I was even reciting for Mr. X what I thought Conan would say. And then…nothing. What a missed opportunity.

Modern Family was the most deserving show winner of the night. Period.

And speaking of Modern Family, I have to finish with a note about Sophia Vergara. In case you didn’t know, her boyfriend had a bad car accident recently, and is still in the hospital. On both the red carpet and the show, she was all lovely and smiling, in the spirit of the evening, and kept her pain to herself. She didn’t complain or ruin anyone else’s time, but Mr. X said he could see she was hurting. I was wondering how she was able to hold it together to even attend, but I’m really glad she did. I try to never have a bad event stop something good, because I don’t want “bad” to triumph over “good.” It’s too long a concept to explain here, so suffice it to say that I’m thrilled she went and that her show won, and I wish for a speedy recovery for her guy.


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