I don’t have the energy to write it all again, so if you’re curious about my new-ish feelings about this time of year, you can read last year’s Christmas column here:

A cheerful still from my (and my mother's, and to a bit lesser degree, Mr. X's) all-time favorite holiday offering.

A cheerful still from my (and my mother’s, and to a bit lesser degree, Mr. X’s) all-time favorite holiday offering.

I actually just re-read it myself, and am shocked to see how little has changed for me in this category since last year! On the sad side, I still am struggling with the holidays, and I still can’t bring myself to decorate the house. (I actually did even less than the tiny bit I did last year!)

But, on the more important happy side, we will once again be having a beautiful Christmas dinner at the home of Fred Deni and Jim Crystal, and I’ve had a lovely time with a few kind pals, especially Debbie, Maria, and Alice. And getting to enjoy the festivities at the Pasadena Playhouse for Sleeping Beauty and Her Winter Knight with Mr. X at the beginning of the month made everything easier for us this year. Really!

Now, if the double construction (one is home improvements, and the other is a house being built from scratch!,) across the street from us takes a break for any or all of the next four days, that will make it a happy enough holiday for me!

And to all of you, I wish the happiest, kindest, most peaceful Christmas ever!

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