Memorial-Day-PicturesI used to never have good Memorial Day week-ends, but they’ve picked-up in recent years.  And this year may just be the best one because my bestie and I are going to see the Cirque du Soleil show, Amaluna, under the iconic Grand Chapiteau on the San Pedro waterfront!  We can’t wait.  It’s the perfect time for us Westsiders to go down there because traffic always slows down on holiday week-ends.

I’ll also be seeing another theatre piece, and hopefully spending some time at a beach fair, which is always a good idea on this relaxed week-end.  With so many going out of town, it should be easier than usual to get everyplace.

155765275_6a4ba1add5_mOther ideas for those of you who stay in your own ‘hood for this three-day holiday are: having a barbecue; relaxing by watching sports with no pressure to get up and work, (but be warned—these NBA Play-offs are extremely stressful to watch!); going to the beach or a pool; spending the afternoon at a food or art festival, which always happens in most cities and towns for this holiday; or, doing what Mr. X prays that I’ll spend at least one of these next three days doing—spring cleaning!!!

memorial_dayBut, while we’re having fun and celebrating, and even being productive, I hope that we will all spare a thought for the people whom this occasion was designed to honor—the fallen military personnel, who lost their lives while serving this country.  (If Orange Hitler gets his way, I’m afraid we’ll be seeing more of that in the coming years, bite my tongue.)

No matter what you do over the next three days, I wish you all a very peaceful and especially safe, Memorial Day week-end.  I know it’s tempting to tipple along the way, but please, please, please do not drink and drive.  And, just as importantly, please remember to take a few minutes along the way to honor the fallen, at least on Monday.


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