I can’t exactly wish you a “happy” Memorial Day, because, in reality, it’s meant to be a serious occasion. But, since most people use it as a three-day week-end, which includes barbecues, trips, and general mirth, I do wish you a fun one. But I hope that it will also include some reflection, too.

Memorial-DayAnd some honoring of the people who’ve gone before.  The day was designated to honor fallen military folks, but I feel that it’s appropriate to use the day to remember our own deceased loved ones, as well, no matter how they left this level of life.

I, personally, think about my little mother every day of my life, so Monday will be no different for me in that respect. I assume that’s the situation for a lot of you, as well. (Not thinking about my mother, of course, but of the people you lost.)

Since most of us can’t sit around being maudlin for the entire week-end, it’s a good thing that there is no dearth of fun events for the next three days, wherever you live. There’s always a festival somewhere, or, at the very least, an art fair. And there are usually a few beach and pool soirees. If you don’t have a group to party with, how about using the days to go someplace you’ve always wanted to, even if it’s indoors, like a museum? Or take in a film? The Nice Guys looks like it will provide some yuks, which we can all use these days.

Of course, I can’t tear myself away from the basketball play-offs, even though some of these games are causing me major stress. And I also have Mets and Yankees games stockpiled on my DVR; I’m about two weeks behind on them, so I have quite a bit of catching-up to do on those. At least, with my beloved Roger Federer having to drop-out of the French Open, (after playing in a record sixty-five Grand Slam tournaments in a row!,) I won’t be watching any tennis this week-end. That frees-up a lot of my time, trust me.

There is one holiday event I always attend at least one day this holiday week-end, and even Mr. X comes with me! But, for once, I’m not telling you where I’m headed, because it’s already populated enough, and I hate crowds. But I enjoy it so much that it’s worth the struggle.

No matter how you acknowledge Memorial Day itself, I wish you all a safe, peaceful, and relaxing holiday week-end.


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