I hope you didn’t panic seeing that title—Valentine’s Day is not until Sunday!

ac8c8cbf-18b3-4266-bf1b-23aa98a8e3b9But I’m mentioning it early so that you’ll have time to prepare. Those of you who celebrate the occasion need even more time this year to get creative, because absolutely no one should be going out now! Is eating in a restaurant, (or whatever other activities are available in your area) really worth risking your life for? I think not. No, scratch that—I know not!

And to all you closet stayers-at-home-on-Valentines-Day: This is the perfect year to make your partner opt for doing just that. Hopefully, we’ll be back to normal in 2022, so you may as well take advantage of staying in now, while that’s the only prudent option this year.

Items with which you can celebrate at home.

Items with which you can celebrate at home.

And you can make it as cozy or luxurious as you like in your own abode. You can go the champagne and bubble bath route, or the homemade soup and fireplace one. You can make your own cards and gifts, or order fancy ones on-line. Or you can just stay in bed all day and profess your love for one another, (possibly with breakfast in bed.) There’s no better year for doing just that.

And for those of you who don’t have a Valentine now, it’s no big whoop—none of us smart couples are going out, anyway. This is the perfect year to treat February 14th as just any other day.

Mr. X and I rarely celebrate this “special day” which was invented by some stranger lo those many years ago. Yes, it is nice to have a pretty day in the middle of winter, but it’s not even close to a necessity.

Cute little flower dogs, in Valentine's colors.

Cute little flower dogs, in Valentine’s colors.

So, this morning, as a joke to us, I asked him, in a serious manner, “What should we do for Valentine’s Day this year?” And without skipping a beat, he deadpanned back, “Just reflect,” making me laugh out loud.

But even though he was kidding, maybe that’s what we all should do on Sunday.

And no matter what you wind-up doing, or not, just remember that there’s at least one person out here who loves you—and that is moi! I truly adore all my readers!

So, I wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day. And please be smart and safe out there!


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