Valentine’s Day is putting pressure on everyone this year, because it’s on a Saturday. The restaurants will be crazy!

Mr. X and me!

Mr. X and me!

When it’s on a week-day, couples can say they’ll celebrate some other time, which is really just regular going out. But that way, they can avoid the forced crowds. When it’s on a Saturday, as it is this year, you have no excuse to put it off.

I tried to help you all out with my fabulous Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas column a couple of weeks ago. So, none of you have any excuse to mess-up tomorrow! (If you missed it, it’s not too late to use the advice by clicking here:

I’ll be going to the ballet I told you about in that column, with or without Mr. X, because I’m not going to miss the ballet, even on a supposedly romantic day. Just sharing our lives is romantic enough. Really! We don’t need a stupid supposedly special day, just because the people who invented a commercial occasion tells us to! (Now I feel like Charlie Brown on Christmas!)

So, if you’re in a couple who doesn’t want to fight the crowds, just stay home and be cozy. (Or join me at the classic ballet!) And if you’re single, without a fun party to go to, take a night off.

And if you know a lot of other cool single people, how about a happy un-valentines soirée? I’m sure a lot of caterers will be available that night.

But, more scary to me than tomorrow, with its implied hectic-ness and all, is today!!! Do you realize why? Because it’s Friday the 13th!!!

I hate it! I have so much to do, but I’m planning to stay in bed all day. Or, at the most, on the couch. And try to not move a muscle. Until midnight.

So, my two hopes for you all are: Have a safe day today, and a happy time tomorrow!

Since it’s a day early, let me be the first to officially wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day!


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