This will be the most difficult Thanksgiving for so many Californians, and my heart totally goes out to them.

45822270_6108320279125_3429652087321919488_n.pngI’ve been wanting to write about the devastating California wildfires, but could just not find the words. I feel that nothing anyone can say will help at this point. The tragedy is beyond comprehension.

Even though so many people have lost so much, I hope that the survivors can find it within themselves to be grateful just be alive. Most possessions can be replaced, lives cannot.

What breaks my heart the most for the victims is the loss of family photos. Thank goodness in this day and age we have digital pictures, especially ones that are stored in the cloud, but old-fashioned paper photos, (meaning most that are earlier than the past dozen or so years) are lost forever. I keep my own family photo albums in a bin by the front door, in case, bite my tongue, Mr. X and I are ever in a similar situation, which, living in SoCal, we worry about all the time, especially since the back area of our house is country.

All these pix are meant to cheer you up, from my words.

All these pix are meant to cheer you up, from my words.

So, even though I have gratitude every day of my life, no matter the circumstances, I’m especially grateful to be alive this Thanksgiving.

I hope that every single one of you who is reading this is similarly safe, and that the world can somehow overcome global warming, despite the non-help of this country’s current administration.

Outside of that, there really is a lot in life to be thankful for, no matter how small you might think something is. And, if you count enough of your blessings, even through tough times, you’ll notice that they really do add up to a lot.

23795492_10155770513010782_558405221596491587_nI apologize to you all, just a little bit, for being so serious on this occasion this year. But I think this is the mood for so many right now.(At least the accompanying images are whimsical, so I hope they make you smile, even just a bit.)

No matter what you’re going through in life, I hope that you can have a very happy, safe, and yummy holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving! And hang in there. (I’ll meet you back here on Monday with, hopefully, a much less heady topic.)



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