After the second terrible year in a row for the entire world, I was having a spot of trouble coming up with anything uplifting to say about tonight. Or about next year, (which is tomorrow!)

5b043306d1e80.imageSo I figured that maybe it would cheer us all up a bit to go through our highlights of each of the past twelve months. Of course, I don’t know yours, (but I do hope you’ll share them in the Comments section below,) so I’m starting the ball rolling right here with some of my own, and then you guys can follow suit. I hope this little exercise make us all remember to be grateful for what we do have, even in a pandemic.

But I must add that, as I looked over my past year, month by month, to choose my favorite parts, I realized that there are far fewer highlights than ever before, mainly because Covid is still prevalent, and the pandemic is far from over. So I barely left the house for most of 2021, and I’m still sticking with that policy, for at least a while longer.

Still, I’m grateful to be alive, and find happiness in even the little things in life now, like watching a good TV show, or, actually, even a bad one if it means that I’m clearing my always-almost-full DVR!

new-years-eve-holiday-party-pocket-watch-clock-at-royalty-free-image-1575406797So here are the only highlights of 2021 that I can think of right now, with not even one a month. But, as Mr. X always goonily says, it’s better than a stick in the eye! I can’t argue with that.

January—Of course, my January 14th birthday is a highlight of any year! As long as no one makes it painful for me, by forgetting or not contacting me for any reason. As much as I hate turning an older age, I love celebrating…me! And since I couldn’t spend time with anyone other than Mr. X back then, (which might become the case again in two weeks—hint, hint,) I was thrilled that he came through for me when the pressure to give me a good birthday lay totally on his shoulders. He got me really cute presents and even cooked for me! He made a lovely pasta with delicious homemade sauce, and followed it up with an old school ice cream cake, which neither of us had had since our days in my beloved Brooklyn. On top of all he did for me, I heard from enough people that I wound-up having as lovely a day as possible during the crazy pandemic.

And then the new year got even better on January 20, when Joe Biden was sworn in as President, and we were done with Orange Hitler ruining the country!

March—Mr. X and I finally got our first vaccination shots!

April—And then, less than a month later, we were finally fully vaccinated! Yay! So I (very cautiously) ventured out into the world again; I attended some fun events in honor of the Oscars. I have to admit it was scary, (especially trying to remember how to do my hair and make-up, and even get dressed in something other than an ersatz hazmat suit,) but it was good to get back out there.

July—Even though these were the oddest Olympics I’ve ever seen, I was thrilled to witness them again. And even happier for all the athletes who finally got to show off all their years of extremely hard work!

October—For the first time in a while, I accepted a new auxiliary writing gig! (If you missed that announcement, here’s the link: I panicked at first, because I’ve grown very accustomed to answering to only myself, but it’s worked out very well for all concerned.

November—I can’t believe I consider this to be a highlight, but I seriously do: I finally had another one of my famous garage sales, for the first time in probably four years!!! And it worked-out great, for everybody. Here’s why:

A) Mr. X was thrilled that sooooo many items that had just been piling-up in our house were finally out of it!!!

B) All the buyers were absolutely ecstatic with their unique, (and all new and unopened,) purchases, and at incredible prices, to boot. [Note: No worries if you’re an LA local who you missed out this time—I hope to do more in the early part of the 2022, if the virus is in check.]

C) I was happy for myself to make a bit of spending money before the holidays.

4070-8321D) All my friends who came to help had a fun time, which warmed my heart. Even though they were all there to work a bit, we all appreciated that the whole shebang had a party atmosphere. We enjoyed pizza, sweet treats, popcorn, drinks, and most importantly, lots of laughs. I actually almost feel bad for those who missed it!

December—I finally got to have a wonderful evening out with Mr. X! As you may know, he usually eschews going out in even the best of times, but we had not been anyplace together for two years! (Unless you count supermarkets and medical offices, that is!) So that we went to the Wallis to see Love Actually Live, (again,) was indeed, one of the true highlights of 2021!!! For both of us.

I hope that all of you had at least a couple of highlights of your own. And I’m praying with every fiber of my being that the world will get all better in 2022!

Happy-New-Year-2019-1075x375_bSo for now, all I can do is wish you all the happiest of New Years, both tonight’s Eve and tomorrow’s Day.

I’ll meet you all back here next year! (By which I mean on Monday, January 3, 2022!)

Happy New Year, everybody!!!


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