As I’m sure many others do, too, I get a tad sad as New Year’s Eve approaches. Firstly, because I’m not usually a fan of anything coming to an end, (except maybe those awful Hallmark Christmas movies that Mr. X and I watch as our now two-year tradition.)

maxresdefault1And secondly because it signals that my January 14th birthday is in just two weeks, which means that I realize that I’m getting older. (Yes, it is a privilege to get older—trust me, I know that—but, I think for everyone, after the age of twenty-one, the numbers do get increasingly depressing.)

I really wish I could tell you all something nationally uplifting this year. But this country has become a supreme joke, and the laughing stock of the world. I do feel that we’re a bit closer to this blight on our history finally coming to an end, (and I hope a satisfying one for all us clear-thinking Americans,) but so many people have been predicting it daily for the past two years that I’m not holding my breath.

new-years-eve-pictures-clip-art-23On the cheery side, though, as usual, I’ve recently looked back over my year and spent time reflecting on all the goodness in it, with gratitude. I’ve spelled it all out in this e-zine in several previous Decembers, but I’m actually too exhausted to write about it this year. So suffice it to say that I always acknowledge how lucky I am, even in the bad times, and I sincerely hope that you all feel that way about your own lives.

On another positive note, I have a fun entire East Coast trip in the planning stages for the Spring, and I look very forward to finally spending a bit of time with so many people I really care about whom I rarely get to see anymore.

And I’m proud to report that I’ve recently begun to power walk again, both for weight control and for my brain artery issue that is, knock on wood, hanging in there (in the right way) for the past three years. Exercise is not only hard on my already-fractured back, and not fun knees, but is also difficult to find time for, so I’m especially proud of ending 2018 on a body-positive note.

maxresdefaultAs usual, Mr. X and I are choosing to have a cozy, romantic night to ourselves tonight. We love doing that. [Note: I can’t promise, but I will very possibly be live-tweeting about some of the special New Year’s Eve television shows that we’ll be watching, so in case you don’t already follow me on Twitter, and would like some New Year’s Eve mirth, this would be the perfect time to do so. @MajorCelebrity. Just sayin’.]

Tomorrow we celebrate the New Year with a fabulous group brunch at the house of a pal who throws the best soirees! I’m really looking forward to these next thirty-six hours or so. (Thirty-six because of the long post-brunch nap I’m planning to take tomorrow afternoon!)

I hope that all of you can find something in your own lives to celebrate today, tonight, and tomorrow. We can start comparing notes on January 2, 2019 when we meet back here.

And for now, I wish every single one of my beautiful readers an absolutely wonderful, safe, and Happy New Year!!!


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