I hope that you all have been having a wonderful holiday season. And today/tonight are the culmination of it, (and of the whole year, actually! Duh.)

New-Years-Eve-Clip-Art1This year, with my scary new health issue, I’m more grateful than ever to be alive. And I’m especially grateful to modern technology and medicine for keeping me that way!!!

I didn’t mean to bring the room down; rather, I hoped that reminding everyone to have gratitude, especially at year’s end, would elevate the mood!

Speaking of good moods, I was lucky enough this year to be invited to two equally-attractive-yet-very-different soirees. I’ve been driving myself (and everyone else!,) crazy trying to figure out how to attend both! One’s uber-cas, and the other is mega-glam. We can drive ourselves to the casual one, the other requires a driver. I like both hostesses, and they’ll both have wonderful chow. And both fetes will be gorgeous! So, what’s a popular girl to do?! Which do you think I’ll opt for? Read on to find-out.

Ready? You may be shocked to know that I chose the casual one. Here are my only two tie-breakers: The hostess is one of my best friends, and, for me, friendship trumps everything. Also, Mr. X is very comfortable there, which is of paramount importance to me. So, that’s it then. Or is it?

I’m praying it is, but I’m very worried because Mr. X woke-up sick yesterday. We’ve done all the voodoo we could possibly do on his cold, and I’m begging the universe to make that be enough. You know I go out without him all the time, but the only three nights I won’t flat-leave him are Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve. We usually choose to stay home on December 31, and just be cozy, but this year, we decided that, with such wonderful invitations, we’re happier going out. So now we’re doing everything in our power to make that work-out. [Note: If you really want to know what happened with this sitch, I’ll be tweeting it. @MajorCelebrity.]

ImageProxy.mvcNo matter how you celebrate tonight, (even if it’s by falling fast asleep way before the witching hour,) I’m here to remind you to have fun, be safe, and to eat those black-eyed peas (for good luck) tomorrow! (If you don’t know of what I speak with that last part, just go to my archives on the right side of this page, and look up what I’ve written for the all the previous New Year’s Eves. They all explain it. And more!)

Here’s my final sentiment for 2015: You have no idea how much I appreciate you all reading this e-zine as often as you do. “If a tree fell in a forest…” You know what I’m saying.

Have a fabulous New Year’s Eve, and I’ll meet you right back here next year! (Which means on Monday!)



  1. Dear Karen – All of your faithful readers are grateful for the technology and meds that are keeping you healthy! I hope that you and Mr. X were able to go to your “soiree” on NYE. Feel better, Mr. X!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Kayroll! Sadly, Mr. X couldn’t even get out of bed, so last night was the first NYE we’ve ever spent apart. But, luckily for me, I had a wonderful time at my friend’s party, anyway. Grateful for that, as well.


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