Of course, I want to start off 2019 by wishing you all a fabulous, healthful, and productive year.

imagesBut I also have to not be frivolous right now, and discuss the state of this country. I have to say that I’m worried sick about the future of America. As we start the new year, our government is still being shutdown by the maniac in the White House.

Looking back over the archives here on INAM, I noticed that at the start of 2017, I wrote of the previous year : “No event was [worse than the] election results, which gave us the oldest, dumbest, most evil, most ignorant, most dangerous fool of a United States President in history! Just when we’re supposed to be advancing in life, we’ve gone all the way back to slavery and Nazis! What a supreme shame.” And his actions over the past two years have not only done nothing to change my opinions of the situation, but have cemented them!!! How is this happening in our lifetime??? Future generations will not believe that the American people really elected the reincarnation of Hitler all these decades later. (Well, actually, the majority of us did not elect him—the crazy system of the Electoral College did!)

happy-new-year-2018-typography-vectorI had thought of more world horrors to discuss in this New Year’s article, but then something interesting happened, like out of a holiday story. As all these painful thoughts came flowing out of me, I was stopped in my tracks by what my beautiful, always-positive friend, Jill Parker Landsman, wrote on her Facebook page shortly before New Year’s Eve: “Only a few more sunsets left for 2018: That means you have first dibs on new opportunities, new days, new ways and chances to pursue your dreams. May 2019 be YOUR Year: Gr8 Health, Memories, Times, Luck, Love.” It made me feel like the Grinch, before his “small heart grew three sizes that day!”

So, I’m putting aside all the political tension for today to tell you all that Jill is indeed correct. Grab your New Year’s opportunities to renew, refresh, and recharge. (And, of course, to celebrate my upcoming January 14th birthday!)

Let’s all work together to make 2019 a brilliant year, for everyone!

Happy 2019!!!


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