I absolutely cannot believe that it’s 2018 already! I just got used to writing 2017!

15826059_697961360370311_825443225502020077_nNothing much has happened since last year, (duh—it ended just a day ago!,) so I’m just here to wish you a great 2018.

I really hope that it gets better than 2017, world peace-wise. And this country-wise! What a mess of things Orange Hitler has made! I don’t know how we’re going to get out of all these now-dreadful situations, but I guess we just have to hold on and beseech the powers-that-be to set it all right again. Maybe we’ll all wake-up and find-out that 2017 was just a horrible nightmare! Well, actually, it was a horrible nightmare, but I mean one we can wake-up from in reality. From my mouth to God’s ears, right?!

Happy-new-year-2016-clip-art-41On a more positive note, I hope you all remembered to do my superstitious trick that I usually tell you about on New Year’s Eve. (I didn’t get to remind you this year because I took a different, grateful approach to that particular column.) But in case you’re curious about it, just write it down for next year. (It’s always good to be prepared.) Here it is: You should eat black-eyed peas, in any form, on January 1, for good luck all year. They can be canned, frozen, fresh, whatever. (Is there even such a thing as fresh ones?) You can eat as many or few as you like. I just heat them up, throw on some seasoned salt, and choke-down about half a cup of those suckers. It’s once a year–you can stand it. Some people even tell me they like them! Go figure.

That’s all I have to say now about a year that has only just begun.

And, of course, I wish you all a wonderful, healthy, safe, and Happy New Year. Now let’s get cracking on having a fabulous 2018!!!


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