Here we are at another holiday week-end. So I want us all to have fun or relax or just contemplate the state of the world. Or a combination of all three, as I will.

I suggest that we all also spend some time, especially on Monday, which is actual Memorial Day, remembering what the day is for to begin with. And that is to honor our country’s armed forces who have lost their lives in service to it. That is worth doing every day, for those who have served and lived to tell about it, as well, (as the Yankees do for all their home games.)

Army vet William Herbert, who served our country in the Korean War, being honored at a recent Yankees game.  Photo by Karen Salkin.

Army vet William Herbert, who served our country in the Korean War, being honored at a recent Yankees game. Photo by Karen Salkin.

But, understanding that most people like to use three-day holidays to do something fun or personally productive, I have a few suggestions, which I hope you will find helpful.

Perhaps get out to the theatre, when it might be a little less crowded than usual. For my fellow Angelenos, I recommend the last few shows I reviewed for you. There will be no easier time to navigate the streets than these next three days and nights.

MemorialDayThumbnailHere are my top picks in Los Angeles:

Ain’t Misbehavin’ at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center is an all-happy show. This is actually the perfect time to see the classic Fats Waller musical revue because…it closes after this week-end! Trust me—you do not want to miss it! (It’s also your chance to see the last set designed by the magnificent John Iacovelli. And please note all the framed photos decorating it; they are of the cast’s real-life relatives because John was kind enough to want them all to have a connection to the set.) To help you decide, here’s my review of the show:

A Soldier’s Play, which is a murder mystery with social consciousness, is at the Ahmanson. My full (and glowing,) review will be published next week, but I promise you that it’s top-shelf theatre. And not to be missed.

The Book of Will is a high-class comedy depicting the true story of how Shakespeare’s plays got published. It’s at the easy and beautiful A Noise Within in Pasadena. Here’s my full review:

~ Whittier Boulevard, at LATC, is a comedy, but about serious topics. Click here for my review:

~ A Little Night Music is the only Sondheim musical I love! And it’s at the historic Pasadena Playhouse, so you kill one bird with two stones. In case you missed it, here’s the link to my review:

~ There’s also the comedy Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike at the Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice, but I haven’t reviewed this production yet, so I can’t vouch for it right now. My review will run next week, but I’ve seen the show elsewhere in the past and it was funny. If I see this one soon, perhaps I’ll tweet about it. So keep an eye out for that, and while you’re doing that, please remember to follow me on that platform, @MajorCelebrity, if you don’t already.

Besides all of that theatre to attend, I always love using this three-day week-end to watch sports, clean the house, and catch-up with friends, both old and new. And if no one is having a barbecue, Mr. X and I just grill up our own hot dogs and beans feast. You can also do any and all of those activities.

One of Mr. X and my Memorial Day feasts. Photo by Karen Slakin.

One of Mr. X and my Memorial Day feasts. Photo by Karen Slakin.

And here’s a possibly important reminder—you have just until Wednesday, May 31, to use those old Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons at The Container Store and Big Lots! I feel bad for those of you who have already re-cycled all of yours, but congrats to my fellow procrastinators for still having them! Now don’t forget to use them already!

And if you’re just into chilling this week-end, you can always catch-up on any of my columns that you may have missed. By reading this one right now, you’re actually privy to some news—my web guy is re-designing this e-zine, possibly by next week already! All the content will be the same, with comments and archives at the ready; it will just have a fresh, updated look. So please wish us the best with this stressful project.

And I wish you all a very non-stressful, safe, happy, and reflective Memorial Day Week-end. Stay smart and safe out there!


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