I’m wishing everyone a happy holiday week-end a bit early this year because I have a feeling that after having to stay put in our homes this time last year, many of you are so raring to go right now that you’re going to make this a four or even a five day holiday week-end!

2d94ca7da9d21ac00ca23780f94692dd_cute-memorial-day-clipart-animated-memorial-day-clip-art_250-250I, of course, will be doing nothing other than watching the NBA play-offs the entire time. Even life is slowly getting back to sort-of normal for many of us, the Covid pandemic has affected the pro basketball schedule this season, so the play-offs are being played much later than usual. (It has always begun more than a month earlier than it has this year.) That means that I’ll have four games to watch on both the Saturday and Sunday of this next quartet of days, three games tomorrow, and two on actual Memorial Day. (Perhaps that last bit of scheduling is because the NBA powers know that we’ll need a break by the time the real holiday rolls around.) And since I watch every second of them, I’ll be glued to the TV, with no other holiday week-end activities.

But do not feel bad for me—I’ll be doing just what I want to. And it will be with fewer outside temptations this year because, even though much of Los Angeles has opened up, I’m still struggling with feeling comfortable to be around people. I’m really baby-stepping back into life, so for the time being, I’m fine with spending all my days at home. [Note: I’m even better with staying home now than I was when I first wrote these words; right after editing this article, I wound-up having to leave the house after all—to go to the emergency room! My doc thought I might be having another mini-stroke, but it turned-out I’m all good on that front, thank goodness. So my holiday week-end started out right—when they finally released me back into the wild!]

My only other two things I have to say on the topic of this holiday week-end are these:

First, please remember to spend at least a short while remembering our war fallen sometime on Monday, which is the real purpose of Memorial Day. And please also spare a thought for all the people the world has lost in the war against Covid this past year and a half.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 11.01.46 PMAnd secondly, when I wish you a safe holiday this year, I mean it in so many more ways than ever before. Of course, please do not drink and drive. But also–be careful with your activities, meaning: look-out for sharks before you go in the ocean, don’t stand too close to a barbecue, and don’t use fireworks, under any circumstances. And so on.

But in today’s world, safety also means being aware of your surroundings because there seem to be more lunatics than usual out there. (Tragically, a local SoCal mother of a young boy suffered the horrific consequences of just giving another driver the finger on a highway last week.)

And, most especially in 2021, don’t be too close to any other humans, whether or not everyone says they’re vaccinated. This is not the time to take our eyes off the prize, which not allowing the virus to get us!

So, with these warnings in mind, I wish you all a happy, healthy, and safe Memorial Day Week-end. I hope you enjoy however you spend the next few days while still sparing a thought for the people this holiday was designed for to begin with.


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