For the past decade, I’ve been acknowledging this holiday week-end in this e-zine, and suggesting many ways for all of us to have fun celebrations. I’ve also been reminding everyone to commemorate the war dead, which is why Memorial Day was created to begin with.

memorial_8119cWell, this year, the remembrance of the deceased is of even more importance than ever. This coronavirus pandemic is the war we’re currently fighting, with so many more fatal casualties than even the Vietnam War! So we should all spare a moment on Monday to reflect on the multitudes of souls the world has lost in just the last few months.

I think that, with so many amusements still being closed now, and group gatherings being banned in most places, (and highly not recommended everywhere else,) we’ll have no choice but to stay home for the next few days. So I hope that this extra time on our hands will encourage us all to reflect on these past few terrible months. (I just found-out that a very nice man who was at my house working on a backyard project just a few months ago, and was not more than fifty-years-old, died from the virus a couple of weeks ago. And his son died, as well. This disease is serious, people!)

For those of you who insist on risking your lives, and those of others, and going out this week-end, at the very least, please don’t crowd! And wear a mask, for God’s sake!!!

Bill Murray in What About Bob.

Bill Murray in What About Bob.

But, for the more intelligent among us, who are choosing to stay home, there is still so much to do! First of all, there’s always spring cleaning to do; many people throughout the years have been known to use Memorial Day week-end to get this not-fun task done, anyway, so it won’t be like you’re inventing something to do because you’re stuck inside this year. I’ve been in the house for well over ten weeks now, and even in my tiny abode, I still have soooooo much more cleaning/organizing/purging to do.

If you have a way to exercise, go for it. And don’t feel guilty if you just want to be a couch potato for the three days—it is a holiday after all, even from your troubles. (One of my favorite movie lines of all time is in What About Bob, where Bill Murray declares he’s taking “a vacation. A vacation from my problems!!!” Maybe that’s the perfect way to celebrate this holiday that involves memories.)

I, of course, did not make this.  But it might be fun for all of us to try to bake this week-end, since we have so much time on our hands!

I, of course, did not make this. But it might be fun for all of us to try to bake this week-end, since we have so much time on our hands!

In the food category, you can always make something special, such as what I refer to as “Holiday Meals.” Since this long hunkering-down has made me a tad cooking-obsessed, I’ve already planned Mr. X and my Memorial Day fare. (Since we can’t go to the usual Memorial Day fair. Get it?) To start, we’ll be grilling hot dogs. (And even though we do have an actual grill on our deck, we’ll probably just be making them in our oven, so no problem if you want to make the same meal, but don’t have an outdoor set-up.) I’ll also be cooking my famous Secret Recipe Beans. And this year, I’m trying-out a Cornbread Casserole recipe, to go along with it. I’m pretty sure that I’ll also concoct some special holiday-appropriate dessert with whatever ingredients I have on hand. Situations like the dreadful one we’re in now seem to elicit one’s creativity, in all categories.

No words necessary.

No words necessary.

And here’s what I consider to be the best idea for the holiday week-end–since you really shouldn’t be going out, why not kick-back, relax, and catch-up on all my recent YouTube vids?! There’s something for everyone in them, even if you’re just curious to see what my isolation hair and nails look like. Here’s the link to my YouTube channel so you can see the lot of them whenever you like:

I hope all of this helps. And no matter what you choose to do for the next three or four days, I wish you all a very happy, healthy, and most of all, safe, Memorial Day Week-end.


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