7TaodRXbcAs jokey as I always am, Memorial Day is one topic I’m serious about. It’s actually a day to remember the military personnel who lost their lives while serving this country. But I have a sinking feeling that most people don’t think about them at all over this holiday week-end. So now that I’ve reminded you of the day’s purpose, I hope you all will join me in sparing a thought for our fallen protectors.

0511-0708-3015-4062_Uncle_Sam_BBQ_clipart_imageBut the two days before Monday are fair game to have a fun holiday week-end, which also serves as the unofficial beginning of summer. So I say go for the fun, while also being somewhat mindful of paying even silent tribute to the people who were and are protecting our liberties. Their contribution is something that’s easy to forget about in our day-to-day lives, so I hope we can all think about them for a moment, in-between our barbecues, fair-going, sports-watching (and doing,) and sale-shopping.

I usually take these sort-of quiet three days to accomplish something, rather than to party. Last year at this time, Mr. X and I were out shopping for our fabulous new bed.  But this year is a lot less sexy, to say the least—we’ll be having our sewer system re-done, which means tearing up the ground in front of our house! So, happy holiday to us!!! (And to our neighbors, as well!  But Mr. X is so thoughtful—he gave them all ear plugs, along with apology-in-advance notes!)

No matter what you do over the next three days, I wish you all a happy, and especially safe, Memorial Day week-end, (with no drinking and driving, please—you don’t want us to be remembering you next year, do you?!)  And please don’t forget to take a few minutes to honor the fallen, at least on Monday.


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