There’s only one thing we should be doing this holiday week-end—honoring our fallen servicemen. That’s the real purpose of Memorial Day, not swimming, shopping, and barbecuing!  I know that that’s news to many Americans, so that’s why I’m here to remind you about it. So, please spare at least one thought for those heroes during these next four days.

memorial-day-clipart-Memorial-day-clip-art-5-2That being said, I always feel that, although this holiday was created to be about military men, it’s also a time to reflect on our own lost loved ones. I think about my little mother every day of my life, so this week-end won’t be any different for me.

But, let’s face it, everybody wants to have some fun on a holiday week-end, and blow off some steam. So, let me give you a few suggestions here, especially for my Southern California peeps:

~ Tonight and tomorrow night, there’s what I expect to be a fabulous theatrical presentation in Pasadena. It’s a show from China called Memory5d+, and you can read my preview of it here:

~ In Los Angeles alone, there are at least a quartet of worthwhile theatre experiences running right now. To decide which to see, (including a couple in New York,) just check-out my “Theatre” section of this e-zine. I especially recommend Jersey Boys at the Ahmanson and Five Guys Named Moe at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center. And more good news about all these LA shows—traffic to those theaters is always light on holiday week-ends!

il_340x270.784652053_hswr~ All over the country, there are many different festivals; food, art, crafts, music, etc. I’ll be attending one, but I’m not telling you which one because, even though I always love meeting my readers and followers, it will already be crowded enough. And I’m scared of crowds.

Mr. X and I will be partaking in some of those activities, but I promised him that we’ll also do something he’s been begging me to do with him for quite awhile. Can you guess what that is? Ready? Shop for a new bed!!! Fun, eh? I’m totally fine with our current one, and I hate change, (unless it comes to my body getting thinner,) but he’s desperate for one, so that’s what we’ll be doing. And, in a fun (and quite possibly annoying) twist, we’ll be doing it…with another couple!  Don’t ask.

No matter what you do with these few days off, I wish you all a happy, and especially safe, Memorial Day week-end. And please don’t forget to honor the fallen, for at least a little bit. 


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