I’ve been so busy watching tennis this week, (and preparing for it the week before,) that I actually hadn’t realized that Labor Day was coming up this soon!

Do any of you see yourselves in here?

Do any of you see yourselves in here?

That’s actually why I’m writing this now—to remind those of you, who have also lost track of the date, that the holiday week-end is upon us!

Labor Day itself is on Monday, and lest you don’t know this, its purpose is to honor the workers of America, which is just about all of us.* So celebrate away! And use this entire week-end to do so. Just do it all in the safest manner, which mostly means do not even attempt to drink and drive!

*Here’s an annoying little anecdote about that situation for me. A female friend of a guy friend of mine asked him why I don’t work!!! And even worse is that he didn’t give her the correct answer, which is that I work my butt off, often seven days a week!!! The woman reads about all my adventures here on INAM, so she assumed (correctly) that I’m a bon vivette. But she neglected to realize that a) going out all the time is work for me, and b) that I have to write about all of it! Writing may not be manual labor, but it is, indeed, work for all of us who do it! Please don’t ever think that it’s not. (The few days I take off each year are like mini vacations! A day without working on the computer is actually heaven for me. So don’t get it twisted.)

To all!

To all!

Now back to celebrating Labor Day, (which I am laboring to write about right now!) I wish you all a fun, safe, relaxing or exciting (whichever one you’re opting for,) three-day week-end! I have a feeling that many of you know what I’ll be doing for this trio of vacay days–watching every second of the US Open, of course!

I’ll meet you back here on Tuesday, with a fun pre-Paris Olympics tale.

Stay safe!


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