Upon us is the third Labor Day Week-end since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. And the first one since 2019 where many people will be back to having full-blown celebrations.

Labour-Day-2020-celebrations-to-respect-men-and-women-workersSo my warning is that now that everyone seems to be in denial about the still-present dangers of Covid, (not to mention monkeypox,) please remember to be careful out there, no matter what you do for the trio of days. Vigilance is still necessary. (I know that many of us think that if we’re fully-vaxxed and boosted—meaning having all four shots–we’re immune to the virus. But that’s just not so. Two of my friends who have had all four shots just got Covid. And both said that it was torture!!! So be aware.)

15522442714474The true meaning of Labor Day, by the way, is to celebrate the workers among us. Which is just about all of us, (knock on wood.) So we’re supposed to take the day, which is really on Monday, to relax. But many of us choose to party instead, which is equally fine.

Labor Day is also known to be the unofficial end of summer, which also means that this coming Tuesday will mark the return to work for a lot of people who have the summer, or parts of it, off. But I feel awful for teachers this year—they had to return to work…in the middle of August!!! What is up with that??? Both my parents were teachers, which was great when I was young because the entire family had the whole two and a half months off to travel together or just visit out-of-town friends. And we went back to school at the same time, which was, of course…way after Labor Day!!! It was usually in the middle of September, for gosh sakes. That’s the way it should still be.

So, for those of you who work in and around schools these days, you have even more reason to enjoy this holiday week-end.

This year, I will be doing double-duty work for the entire three days. And that work is…watching sports! And yes, that is work. For me, at least. I love it, but it’s exhausting.

labor-day-2020As many of you know, Labor Day always comes in the middle of the US Open, just when that tennis tournament starts getting serious. And, as always, as well, I devote all my attention to it, (as I’m doing this very second, as you’re reading this!)

But on top of the tennis, because I’ve still been curtailing my events because of an abundance of caution against getting Covid, which means I’m in the house most days, I’ve gotten more into watching the Yankees and Mets games this year than ever before. I think more of them have been broadcasted since they’re both at the top of their divisions in their own leagues, so I see at least one game every day this season!

I watch every full Yankees game, from start to finish, that’s broadcast on any of my systems. I’m so into both tennis and baseball that I watch every single second of both sports. So this will definitely be a sleepless three-day week-end for me.

international-labor-day-people-different-260nw-1694613484Looking ahead, all the Emmys events are coming extra-early this year, so the fetes start next week already! So I’m also letting the mountains ahead wear me out a bit.

Okay, I’m getting exhausted just thinking about all of this! So new Labor Day plan for me: I’ll just keep the TV(s) on, and snooze through all of it to rest up for the days to come.

So, no matter what you choose to do for Labor Day Week-end, I wish you all a fun, relaxing, or exciting, (or all three rolled into one!,) holiday. And, most importantly, a safe one. And if you’re around a lot of people, please be rocking those K95s!!!


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