[Note: This was supposed to be published Friday morning, not Saturday, but my neighborhood just experienced a power outage…for thirty-two hours!!! I’ve never been through one like that before. And right in the middle of the worst heatwave in ages. But now the electricity is finally came back on, in the middle of the night, so let’s get this Labor Day Week-end ball rolling now!]

d04fb87f306db9e08852e1ade639c14dThis just might be the weirdest Labor Day Week-end we’ve ever experienced. The holiday is supposed to signify a break from laboring, but few of us have been working for the past six months! Actually, this has been a one-hundred-eighty-day week-end for most of us!!! (Though not often a happy one.)

This year more than ever, we need to give extra thanks to the many who have been working all this time to make the rest of our lives so much easier in these trying times, especially all the essential workers, who deserve lauding more than anyone!!! Let’s spare a thought for health care and sanitation workers, market personnel, mechanics, and, as I think we’ve all come to finally appreciate, postal workers!

Now, while we’re celebrating the work force who have kept the rest of us going for 2020, there still is a three-day holiday week-end to consider. Most of us don’t need the break from our jobs this year since we’ve been enjoying, or just enduring, a pandemic-imposed staycation, anyway. But we may use this holiday as an excuse for a break from our homes, which is what I’m worried about. Labor Day Week-end is usually a time for parties, street festivals, sporting events, etc. But please think long and hard before you go near other people.

For example, if you have a barbecue, please do it with just the ones who live in your house. The same goes for every activity you’re wont to do for the next three or four days. If you feel you just must go to the beach, please make sure to park away from others, and then just go to your own secluded spot. You don’t need to be near strangers to enjoy the sand and sea. And you can hike and bike ride by your lonesome or with just your housemates.

46105eventb6567622-e349-45eb-b970-7fc7fcff15caThis is not the time to risk everyone’s health! You know that morons in places like Florida are going to attend gigantic pool and beach parties, just spreading that coronavirus around like nobody’s business! I have some news for those idiots–THIS PANDEMIC IS FAR FROM OVER!

So I hope that you’ll all do what I’ll be doing, at least for part of the holiday. I plan to watch other people work–all athletes: the jockeys at tomorrow’s Kentucky Derby, the tennis players in the middle of the US Open, and mostly, the basketball players heavy into the NBA Play-offs! Who needs to leave the house when there’s finally so much sports to watch again?! And the best parts are that it costs you nothing, and doing so might just save your life! Or that of someone else!

I hope you all have a somehow fun and totally safe, three-day week-end, and spend at least a bit of it being grateful for workers and work!

Happy Labor Day 2020. And let’s all hope that we’ll be back to work next year at this time, and have something wonderful to celebrate in 2021!


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