I love that Hanukkah has come early this year, right after the also-early Thanksgiving, and with enough lead time before Christmas, for those of us who don’t like our holidays “touching.”

My older menorah...   (Photo by Karen Salkin.)

My older menorah… (Photo by Karen Salkin.)

I love both of my colorful menorahs, (I used my “sports balls” one for a long time, but changed over to a “crayon box” in the past several years,) and am also a fan of the specific fun foods, like potato latkes, when someone is kind enough to have a Channukah soiree. (You didn’t think that I’d make them myself, did you?!)

...and my newer one.  Photo by Karen Salkin.

…and my newer one. Photo by Karen Salkin.

In the gift category, when my parents spent a couple of Channukahs here in LA with us back in the day, it was my pleasure to do eight nights worth of gifts for each other. It was so festive.

But now, Mr. X (who’s not even of my same ethnic persuasion, anyway) and I don’t really need much anymore. Actually, to bring that point home, just this past Friday, I wrote an entire column dedicated to the very many gifts I never need to receive from anyone anymore! (Even though it’s just the previous column, in case you missed it and are curious and are too lazy to go back one, here’s that link:

Gorgeous potato latkes.

Gorgeous potato latkes.

So what I’m planning to do for Mr. X, (outside of the obligatory Channukah gelt, both in coin and chocolate forms!,) is to spend an hour on each of the eight nights organizing my way-too-much stuff in our house. Trust me, it’s the only thing he wants right now! (I actually already started on that gargantuan project, to find clothing to bring to a women’s charity* event this past week-end. As much work as it is, which is really not fun for my already-injured back, I have to admit how satisfying cleaning out a closet is.)

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 1.07.58 PMI hope that you all can find a similarly satisfying solution as to how to spend your own eight nights of this festive occasion.

And, if you’re a local pal of mine who was pondering what to get me as a holiday gift, (yeah—the whole one of you who does that kind of thing!,) joining me in that clean-up effort, for even one hour, is exactly what I want. (For my January 14th birthday, as well. Or services! Always services.) You’d spend an hour or more on shopping, wrapping, and getting it to me, so this would be so much more worth your while. (And mine!)

Lastly, on one of my crazy superstitious notes, I was thrilled to discover that this is column #1,818 of mine. Do any of you know why that is? All my Chanukkah celebrants should figure it out. (I know that even non-Jewish Mr. X will know the reason.) Ready? It’s because it’s…two times chai! “Chai” is the Jewish symbol for both the number 18 and “life!” So, #1818 falling on Chanukkah seems like kismet.

And to all who celebrate, I wish you a very Happy Hanukkah!!!

DtRtFj6XcAAoIqf.jpg-large*[Note: If any of you know of organizations who are taking donations of goods (as opposed to just money) for the victims of the California fires, please share that information with me in the Comments section below. I’ll really appreciate it. I’ve been trying really hard to find a legitimate one, with no luck at all.]

[Note #2: The astute among you will notice that I’ve spelled this holiday different ways throughout this article. This previous column should explain those discrepancies:]


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